Hilarious snap shows guilty-looking boxer next to Xmas tree he just trashed


A PET owner has “dogshamed” her John Lewis boxer lookalike by sharing a hilarious snap of him next to the Christmas tree he had just destroyed.

Laura Hutchinson captured the precise moment she came downstairs to find six-year-old Ralph sat next to discarded baubles, festive stars and a horizontal tree.

Her beloved pooch is shown sat on the carpet next to the tree looking guilty-as-charged as he peers up.

Laura, from Wokingham, Berkshire, shared the photo on her Facebook page on Tuesday writing: “Welcome to Christmas in our house and one very guilty looking pup!

She then added the hashtags “Dogshaming” and “RalphTheBoxer.”

If an overturned tree wasn’t enough, Laura today revealed how Ralph has even eaten some of the baubles whole – resulting in glittery poo.

Speaking about the moment she took the snap today, she said: “I was obviously quite surprised when I came down in the morning but to be honest, it was actually quite amusing and Ralph is such a clown that I couldn’t help but laugh.

“His little face was so precious though and clearly had ‘guilty’ written all over it.”

Laura also revealed some of Ralph’s past naughty experience including eating lipstick, ruining new carpets and bruising legs with his ever-wagging tail.

She said: “Ralph regularly gets up to mischief so I often come home to some sort of shenanigans.

“I regularly come home to find he has managed to scrounge some food from the kitchen – anything he can find really.

“Earlier on this week he managed to swipe a pack of 12 eggs from the back of the kitchen worktop, where I honestly thought he couldn’t reach.

“He ate the lot, including the shells, then was sick at least ten times on my carpet which I only had put down 3 weeks ago!

“He’s also eaten an entire tube of toothpaste, raided the bin on many occasions, chats away like Chewbacca when he wants something, has eaten lipstick, which has then stained his white paws with a lovely red tinge!

“He has crunched up Christmas tree baubles and eaten them, which has produced glittery poos.

“He sleeps on our bed taking up at least 75% of the room and snores all night.

“He can jump over baby gates, gallop like a horse and be the soppiest pooch you’ve ever met.

“He’s constantly wagging his tail to the point that because he wags it it’s so strong, it’ll bruise your legs if you stand too close.

“He was always the least obedient pup at puppy training classes which was a bit embarrassing at times!

“He tiptoes over gravel, wears bow ties round the house and grumbles at horses or cows.

“He always gets attention when we’re out and after last years John Lewis advert I couldn’t go anywhere without everyone saying ‘there’s the John Lewis dog!’

“He’s so loyal and loving though and I’m proud to have him as my pooch.”

The priceless image has also attracted comments from humoured social media users.
Shiona Marle wrote: “Haha. Priceless! Bless him.”

Fred Corneby said: “It’s just missing the words. ‘I’m glad you’re home, the Christmas tree fainted.’”

And Sharna Avery wrote: “His little face lol”.

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