Restaurant brands diner “pain in ass woman” on receipt


A DISGUSTED diner has slammed restaurant staff who typed “pain in the ass woman” on her receipt.

Anna Warrender and two friends racked up a £160 bill for food and Prosecco at Brewhemia in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The trio say they had to wait 45 minutes for food and were given 15 minutes to eat dessert.

The restaurant responded by giving them one of their three £23 bottles of Prosecco for free.

But there was a nasty suprise on the receipt when Miranda took a close look. Typed in capitals under the name section was the phrase “Pain in the ass wom”.

Anna posted an image of the receipt on Facebook the next day while urging her friends to share it across Twitter.

Alongside an angry red faced emoji, she wrote: “Absolutely disgusted by the service experienced today in @brewhemiaedin.

“Food took 45 minutes and then we were told we only had 15 minutes left despite being given dessert menus.

“Then to top it off this was our receipt. Check out the complimentary items #painintheasswoman”

Dozers of social media commented describing the restaurant’s customer service as “appalling” and shocking.”

Joanna Miller wrote: “That’s horrendous Anna. What a way to treat customers!”

Linda Mckee said: “Shocking, especially at the amount you had spent.”

Melissa McDonald wrote: “Wtf. That’s so unprofessional,especially the name calling. Sorry you had to deal with that.”

And Laura Archibald said: “What the hell! That’s absolutely shocking.”

A spokeswoman for Brewhemia Edinburgh today (TUE) declined to comment.

This is not the first time Brewhemia, who pride themselves on being the city’s largest restaurant and bar, have been blasted for their customer service.

In September this year their restaurant’s general manager Danny Wylie, was forced to apologise after a customer was rejected for wearing glitter on his face.

Drew, 37, posted a picture of himself with the face-paint on the side of his face on Twitter just after he was refused entry.

Referring to his sexuality, he said: “Just told by the bouncer at @BrewhemiaEdin that the pub ‘didn’t want people like you with that on your face’ in there.”

A second post read: “He [the doorman] was clearly unhappy at ‘people like us’ (direct quote) and let a very cute straight couple in right after us.”

At the time Brewhemia issued a public apology stating that it was an “isolated incident”.

Anna Warrender said today she and her friends had been offered a full refund by the restaurant.

“We feel this is an acceptable response to the situation and don’t want to take it any further,” she said.

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