Scots cops divide opinion after asking public to vote for cutest Christmas pet


SCOTLAND’S crime fighters are dressing up their pet pooches for Christmas – and asking the public to vote for the best effort.

Officers are putting their pet dogs – boasting names such as Ronnie, Reggie and Riot – in festive jumpers and posting the images on the force’s social media page.

And while the response has been mostly positive, Police Scotland have been accused of wasting taxpayers’ cash.

The force posted on Facebook: “Today we’re launching our #ChristmasJumperCompetition.
“Last year it was our officers & staff who got kitted out in their favourite winter woollies for #ChristmasJumperDay.

“This year, it’s our #CopsDogs turn.”

“To vote for your favourite, simply like their photo from the album below. Winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck everypawdy.”

The entrances range from an adorable 11-month old Cocker Spaniel called Peyton, to Bella, a cute little two-year-old Shih Tzu/Jack Russel Cross.

Also amongst the hopefuls are Buddy, a 4-year-old Lhasa Apso and Austin the Cavachon who exclaims: “It wisnae me”, as he is pictured being taken into custody.

A dog in his Christmas gear and police hat.

Gels Daly wrote on social media: “I’m sorry, but this is just unacceptable. How on earth do you expect us to pick one dog from all those little furry beauties. I cant do it, I think they all win.”

Martha Brindley said: “Aw, well done officers. They are all winners. Have a great Christmas. Stay safe.”

Shirley McLean said: “Oh my god can’t pick one all are beautiful all winners in my eyes well done.”

Trisha O’Neill added: “Oh my god they’re all just so bloody cute, wouldn’t want to judge all these wee beauties.”

However, not everyone was encouraged to get into the Christmas spirit by seeing the images.

A couple of officer dogs arresting an unruly pug

Shaun Moth said sarcastically: “Great to see Police Scotland have eradicated crime in the country and can now dedicate their time to dressing their dogs up. Maybe the taxpayer doesn’t need to fund your pointless existence anymore.”

Scott Ramage said: “When they have time to dress the dogs up and pose for photos but it took over three hours to come to our house after a robbery.”

Adam Mcgettigan added: “No thanks who paid for them? The taxpayers again, another waste of people’s money. How nice.”

Last week Police Scotland faced criticism after an audit revealed that a senior police officer, Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick, was given £67,000 of public money to move house and £53,000 to settle a personal tax bill.

And in November Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins, along with three other officers, was suspended after allegations of misconduct and criminal activity.
Another two have been placed on restricted duties.

In Spetember Chief Constable Phil Gormley was given special leave after being accused of bullying.

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