Football star admits in cheeky tweet that opposition were robbed


A FOOTBALL star has taken the unusual step of admitting his team robbed the opposition.

“We wuz robbed” is a time-honoured excuse trotted out by disappointed fans but Rangers midfielder Josh Windass last night admitted his team did the robbing in their 2-1 win over Hibs at Easter Road.

The 23-year-old went on Twitter to post a picture of a robber wearing black and white stripes, a face mask and a black hat and with a full sack over his shoulder.

Windass captioned the cheeky tweet: “Hopefully no one sees us.”

Neutrals were clear Hibs were the better team and they scored the first goal just eight minutes into the game. Rangers scored two “soft” goals just before half time and then Hibs squandered several clear chances in the second half only to have a strong penalty claim turned down.

Responding to Windass’s tweet, Jamie Minto said: “Well in mate and aye Peaky Blinders couldn’t have pulled that one.”

Another wrote: “What a steal.”

Rangers fan Calum Aitken wrote: “Makes a change from us being robbed.”

Another Rangers supporter wrote: “Nice. Plenty of teams have done that to us recently.”

Predictably, Hibs fans were not exactly charmed by his honesty.

One particularly spiteful message read: “Hopefully you break your ankle next week and never play again. A complete irrelevance who’s biggest achievement is beating Hibs 2-1 going by your celebrations last night.”

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