Canine nativity scene complete with puppy in a manger

AN ADORABLE image of dogs renacting the nativity scene – complete with a puppy in a manger – has sent social media users into meltdown.
The Wags To Riches Pet Services in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire snapped the image of the pooches posing with tea towels on their heads.
The pet grooming service, operated by husband and wife team Toby and Jo Kingston, posted the cute photo online, which has now gone viral.
In the snap, the six dogs – including a toy puppy – recreate the nativity scene, with each of the dogs dressed up.
Three dogs, seen draped in towels on the right appear to the playing the role of the wise men while a jack russell in a green towel and another dog in pink towel are seen sitting next to the cradle, appearing to be Mary and Joseph.
A spaniel wearing a white towel appears to be taking on the role of the shepherd while the star can be seen above the manger.
Posting the image online, the page wrote: “Busy morning at W2R HQ, practising our nativity play…”
According to the Mr and Mrs Kingston, “it was really just bit of fun and to give our customers a laugh.”
The pet grooming service, operated by husband and wife team Toby and Jo Kingston, posted the cute photo online
Since being uploaded earlier this month, the post has received nearly 500 likes and nearly 100 comments, with many social media users questioning how the dogs were kept still for the photo.
Michelle Cunningham said: “That’s your Christmas cards sorted.”
Brogan Gray wrote: “Oh stop it. This is too cute.”
Shaun Williams commented: “My two would have left those sheet in tatters.”
The image was also shared on the social media website Reddit, where viewers have suggested which roles the canines are playing.
One user said: “I reckon there’s golden retriever so we have the gold, but where’s the frankincense and myrrh”
Another said: “How did they get them all to stay still? That’s another miracle.”
The grooming service created a similar scene last year, however this years effort has proved far more popular.
In last years snap only four dogs can be seen with the page writing: “As it’s December tomorrow and I can’t send Christmas cards to you all, thought I would share my Christmas photo… (One of the wise men ran off that’s why there is only two) Merry Christmas everyone.”

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