Mone shows off “chavtastic” Christmas lights at her home


MICHELLE Mone has been branded “chavtastic” after showing off the Christmas decorations in the grounds of her mansion.

The 46-year-old posted a short clip showing off at least 22 trees adorned with bright fairy lights outside her opulent Isle of Man mansion.

The entrepreneur also installed a reindeer light show above her and billionaire partner Doug Barrowman’s front door.

Most social media users were impressed by the display, while others questioned the price of her electricity bill. One critic suggested the display was less than tasteful.

The Baroness uploaded the footage with the caption: “Decorations all up #happyChristmas #family.”

The entrepreneur has at least 22 trees brightly lit at the front of her mansion

The 20-second clip begins with Mone facing the camera down her extensive driveway, which is lined with brightly lit trees.

As the Ultimo founder spins the camera around, even more lit trees line the driveway outside of her front door.

A three-door garage can be spotted behind her fountain, both of which have been lit up with even more lights.

As the camera pans to the mother-of-three’s front door – flanked by a lit tree either side – she reveals a flashing reindeer display on top of her pillared entrance.

As she spins the camera around to reveal yet another tree, the clip ends.

The video has now had over 5,300 views since it was posted yesterday evening (DEC 20).

Social media users were quick to comment on the entrepreneurs opulent decorations.

Ryan Logie joked: “Ye must have some leccy bill tae pay.”

While Richard Longbottom said simply: “Chavtastic.”

Others were more impressed.

Des pilling said: “Looks very cool.”

Susan Smyth added: “Wow that’s spectacular. Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

And Elaine Buggle commented: “Beautiful.”

The Baroness’ decorations were dubbed ‘Chavtastic’ by one social media user

In August this year the lingerie entrepreneur was branded “crass” after she posted videos showing off her enormous home gym – and glass-encased knicker cabinet.

Lady Mone was told to “stop showing off” after letting her twitter followers get a brief glimpse of her extravagant lifestyle.

Michelle Mone has been tipped as a favourite to enter the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother.

According to show sources, the Baroness turned down a £350,000 offer – the largest CBB deal in history – in the hopes of securing a spot on Strictly Come Dancing.

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