Puma trolled over £70 sweatshirt – straight out of Sainsbury’s staffroom


SPORTSWEAR giants Puma have been ridiculed online for designing a sweatshirt that looks remarkably like a Sainsbury’s supermarket uniform.

The company’s “Puma Hooded Sweat Jacket In Burgundy” from their new range looks like their team had inspiration from the supermarket’s easily recognisable staff get-up.

The funnel neck top is available in colours very close to those used by Sainsbury’s, orange and maroon, and priced at £70.

It also has the Puma logo stitched in orange across one side of the chest – in the same position as Sainsbury’s place their own logo on their uniform.

Credit: ASOS/Puma

The season “must-have” is also styled as being oversized and worn in a similar way to Sainsbury’s employees.

One baffled Twitter user, Lewis Aitken spotted the similarities and posted an image of the sweatshirt online on Christmas eve writing: “Why would you wanna pay £70 to look like you’re scanning groceries in Sainsbury’s?”

The hilarious post has since gone viral attracting over 35,000 likes from people who agree.

Steven Trott wrote: “Do the old pick them up, walk towards the queue at the till then back out the shop as if you’d paid works every time.”

Credit: Asos/Puma

Jade Paulson said: “Hahahahaha bad enough having to wear the actual uniform.”

And dozens of current and former Sainsbury’s employees weighed in, saying they were planning to dig out their old uniforms.

Gush Verdding wrote: “So I can sell my jackets for £70. Mad,”

Melissa Beardmore said: “Always said my sainos fleece was top quality.”

One Twitter user, natashaa? @Natashaax, joked: “I was howling at this yesterday. I can give them authentic milk stained ones for cheaper.”

And Emily Duxbury wrote: “I’ll defo sell my uniform for half the price.”

The image was also re-shared on various pages on Facebook attracting thousands of likes and comments.

Ryan Byrne said: “Can go to Sainsbury’s and just walk out with a whole chicken like ‘aye, am just putting it in freezer out back’.

Jordy Butler wrote: “I would buy this just to wear it in Sainsbury’s and see what happens.”

Aman Singh Bhogal said: “Time to cash in on all them Sainsbury’s jumpers I got stashed. Knew my day would come!”

And Becky Charlotte wrote: “Mums uniform appears to be in fashion.”

The item is available on online store Asos and is already sold out in sizes 6, 8 and 16.

The website lists the item as being: “fun” and has includes “Dropped shoulders, oversized fitted trims and small logo detail.

It also states the size of the sweatshirt allows “Room for activities”.

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