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What is Taxotere and why are there so many lawsuits against it?


The drug Taxotere’s purpose is to make the chemotherapy experience smoother for the user. In other words, it would help speed the process of recovery so that patients don’t have to go through chemotherapy and cancer treatment as long. Shortening the amount of sessions it takes for treatment to completely reach its purpose is something that the victims of Taxotere were hoping for but instead got alopecia.

In the recent years, many lawsuits have been filed against Taxotere. This is a drug that is intended for the patients of chemotherapy. Women that are fighting cancer of various forms have been taking this drug in order to help with their cancer treatment. Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worst and now these women are suing the drug manufacturer for some serious reasons.

Permanent Alopecia

It would seem that a side effect of this drug is permanent alopecia. This is a condition can be more easily referred to as permanent hair loss. Women using this drug have claimed that 6 months of treatment with Taxotere have left them with permanent alopecia, meaning that they are not longer able to grow new hair. Hair loss is to be expected when undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, so it’s not quite precise how far along the treatment the effects of permanent alopecia have started to kick in.

They knew

Apparently, the manufacturer of Taxotere was aware of the risk of developing something like permanent alopecia, but even so, deterred from sharing this information with the general public. This resulted in many women now facing a hairless future. However this isn’t the end of it as these women are now filing lawsuits against the manufacturer, which had also claimed that their product was superior to all others when in fact it was not. Years ago, when the Taxotere drug still retained the description phrase of being superior, a study had been done which proved the fact that a competing medication was in fact superior to Taxotere.

The current lawsuit situation

The victims of permanent alopecia would not go down quietly, and now the manufacturer is under fire from a series of lawsuits. No one probable expected the amount of Taxotere settlements and matters settled in court that transpired. While it is improbable that the women affected by alopecia will ever grow hair again, they are looking for justice in court, claiming a long list of acts against them including physical and mental harm. It definitely does not look well for the Taxotere manufacturer.

One of the worst things about this situation is that there was no indication or hint that might have helped prevent the problem. Since the drug did not feature any sort of warning in regards to alopecia, the women which are now suing used it thinking they were getting a great deal out of it.

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