Moment cars come within inches of terrifying head on collision


A HEART-STOPPING video shows a “crazy” motorist comes within inches of a terrifying head-on collision after a “dangerous” overtake.

The jaw-dropping dash cam footage captured the near-miss moment when a silver Fiat 500Lpeople carrier narrowly avoided hitting an on-coming car.

Filmed by motorist Antony Ledgard near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, the careless motorist came within inches of hitting his car.

At the start of the clip the dash cam car can be seen travelling towards a junctions as two cars can be seen in the on-coming lane.

As Mr Ledgard travels closer to the cars, a white Fiat can be seen suddenly pulling out from behind a Nissan and beginning to overtake.

It’s unclear if the Fiat seen Mr Ledgard before beginning the overtake, however it can be seen crossing a reed marked area on the road to perform the manoeuvre.

The dash cam car is suddenly forced to veer out of the way to avoid crashing head-on into the on-coming car.

Following the frightening near-miss, Mr Ledgard said: “I actually thought that the car was going to hit me because the camera is a wide angle so it looks like there is more space in the video.

“I just moved over as far to the left I could and hoped that wasn’t the day I died.”

Posting the clip online, he wrote: “Crazy Fiat driver, dangerous overtake.”

One social media user commented on the shocking clip, writing: “Yikes, all those arrows saying get in and he still goes for it.”

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