Priceless moment bungling trio use scaffolding poles to get car on van



A BUNGLING trio have been caught on camera trying to get a broken-down car on to the back of a van – using scaffolding poles.

Two men push the clapped-out Ford Fiesta towards the “rescue” vehicle while a third is in the driver’s seat aiming for poles forming an improvised ramp.

But the inevitable happens when the car comes into contact with the poles, which immediately buckle before the Fiesta smacks into the back of the van.

The bizarre incident happened last week in a residential street in Leeds and was caught on camera by Sarah Young.

Two men, wearing high visibility vests, are shown running alongside the motor in the rain pushing the car.

The driver can be seen trying to aim the vehicle’s wheels at the thin metal poles laid between the road and back of the van.

As the poles bow under the weight of the car, a loud thud can be heard as the front of the Fiesta is bashed in.

Debris from the car is shown falling into the road and the three men can be seen bursting into laughter at their epic fail.

Throughout the 15-second-clip, Sarah can be heard struggling to contain her laughter at her friends’ ineptitude.

Posting the clip to social media she wrote: “F****** divs. Told you it wouldn’t work.”

The clip has since attracted over 223,000 views and thousands of comments from humoured social media users.

Oliver Hill wrote: “Did these guys actually try to load a car up using scaffy poles?”

Josh Laycock said: “I’m ashamed of the human race.”

Stephen Hargadon wrote: “C**ts canny be that stupid.”

And Konrad J Kleczkowski said: “All of them are morons.”

Speaking today (WED) Sarah, who shared the video, said: “What a set of idiots. It was going for scrap so it’s all good.

“They towed it in the end.”


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