Social media users slam online trolls who wish Novo would “die in his sleep”


SOCIAL MEDIA users have slammed online trolls mocking Rangers legend Nacho Novo following his heart attack.

It was reported yesterday (SUN) that the Spaniard had suffered a heart attack while playing in a legends five-a-side tournament in Germany.

The news led to sick comments emerging on social media, appearing to come largely from Celtic fans.

Shocking comments emerged which showed social media users mocking the striker, with some going to far as wishing he was dead.

However, in response others have condemned the comments and defended the sick star – who is recovering in hospital and reportedly in a stable condition.

Novo was taking part in the AOK Traditionsmasters five-a-side tournament in Berlin alongside former Ibrox legends Charlie Miller, Jorg Albertz, Michael Mols and Andy Goram.

However, some social media users took the opportunity to mock the star while he recovered in hospital.

One disgusting tweet from Andrew Hughes said: “I hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo.”

Twitter user Jack added: “Nacho Novo won’t see ten in a row.”

While another named Danny commented: “I hope you die within a week Nacho Novo.”

Another, calling himself Rebel said: “See Nacho Novo’s had a heart attack”.

The comment was posted alongside a Gif with someone appearing to mockingly mouth: “That’s a shame.”

However, others slammed the insensitive comments.

Neil Mcfadzean wrote: “Seriously. People making jokes about Nacho novo, the man has suffered a heart attack and is in hospital.

“His family must be scared beyond reason, and brain dead individuals are slagging the poor man. Just once think before you act.”

Fan site Old Firm Facts tweeted: “If your automatic response to hearing a Rangers player has had a heart attack is ‘It’s okay to slag him off cos they sang about the Lisbon Lions’ you are an idiot. Not misguided. An actual idiot. Be the bigger person.

“All the best to Nacho Novo and his family.”

Another user added: “The guy was paid to play football and a heart attack is a serious thing. It shows the level of scum in this country if people can wish ill of a young man who did them no harm.”

One Celtic fan moved to condemn his fellow supporters, tweeting: “Any Celtic fan tweeting obscene comments about Nacho Novo should be disgusted with themselves and blocked. Absolute low lifes. Hope he pulls through OK.”

User Claire Wilson agreed. She said: “To the Celtic fans writing disgusting tweets about Nacho Novo, you should be ashamed of yourself. Football shouldn’t be taken into account when it comes to someone’s life.”

38-year-old striker Novo, who hit 73 goals in 255 appearances for Rangers during a six-year stint, reportedly thought he had picked up a chest infection.

Rangers wished him a “speedy recovery” and confirmed that he was in a stable condition in a hospital in Germany.

He is likely to be in hospital for a week following the incident and a successful operation.

The star’s girlfirend Stephanie Healey wrote on Facebook on Saturday: “It’s like one bad thing after another right now. My goodness.”

She added on Sunday morning: “Hi everyone I’m absolutely exhausted and with Nacho. I appreciate all the messages but I can’t answer everyone sorry.

“Nacho is stable and speaking to me and hopefully will be home soon. And thank you.”

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  1. These low life’s who wish novo dead are the same ones that froth at the mouth and say we’re bigoted they are indeed Scotland’s shame

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