Gerard Butler and 50 Cent have hilarious Snapchat argument over who is cooler


HOLLYWOOD hunk Gerard Butler has shared a hilarious video showing him and rapper 50 Cent arguing over “who is cooler”.

The 48-year-old Scot shared video on his social media accounts last night showing the pair, who have been working together for new movie Den of Thieves, playing around on Snapchat.

In the short clip Butler films himself sat beside the American rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, peering into the camera to use one of the app’s sunglasses filter.

In his broad Scottish accent, he says: “So who’s the coolest?” before 50 Cent weighs in asking: “Which one?”.

The camera then moves over to 50 Cent’s face prompting a pair of silver aviators to appear on his face.

The pair then burst into laughter as they both flick their heads up as various styles of sunglasses show up on their faces.

A cocky Butler can then be heard saying in a confident voice: “I think I’m f***ing cooler.”

The video then ends as 50 Cent is id sentence saying: “I think I am.”

Butler shared the video on his Twitter and Facebook accounts last night attracting almost 140,000 times already.

Hundreds of comments have been left on Twitter from adoring fans praising the pair for being “so adorable” and “cute”.

Jessica Smith wrote: “I don’t think I’ve seen a more adorable video of two grown men playing with filters in my life!”

Eva Skalin said: “So you think you’re f*ing cool huh, well I guess you are. You’re too cute.

Antonija Kolom wrote: “That’s really classic Mr @GerardButler. Cool glasses and good luck with your @Den_Of_Thieves tour. I look forward to seeing this brilliant movie.”

And Tonya Budd said: “Hi Gerry, hi 50. So glad to see you not acting your age. You guys are beautiful.”

While Dawn Gallagher deemed Butler the ultimate winner writing: “My vote is for @GerardButler. Sorry @50cent. #regulators.”

Den of Thieves is due to hit UK cinemas on 2 February this year.

The gritty crime thriller follows the life of an elite unit of the LA LA County Sheriff’s Dept. and the state’s most successful bank robbery crew.

Butler plays corrupt L.A.P.D cop Nick Flanagan who is hellbent on bringing down a team who plan on robbing the Federal Reserve Bank in Downtown Los Angeles.

50 Cent plays Levi Enson, one of three elite criminals who sets out to rob the bank.