Bucky fans panic after joker announces big cut in alcohol content


THOUSANDS of Buckfast fans were plunged into despair after a joker posted a bogus message from the firm claiming they were cutting the alcohol content.

The tweet falsely claiming to be from the distributors of the drink, Chandler & Co, claimed the booze content was being cut by more than half.

Buckfast lovers were told that the alcohol in the 750ml green bottles was being slashed from a hefty 15% to 7%.

The joker, presumably inspired by the recent big cut in sugar in Irn Bru, provoked around 5,000 shocked responses before Buckfast confirmed their drink was staying as “fortified” as ever.

A photoshopped image showing a tweet sent from Twitter page, Chandler & Co (Buckfast) Ltd, emerged stating: “Important announcement – in accordance with strict new Government regulations concerning alcohol law, we will be reducing the alcohol volume in our Buckfast range of tonic wine to 7%.

“We hope our loyal customers will continue to purchase our product and thank you for your support.”

The post was shared on Facebook page, “Whose Vine Is It Anyway?” captioned: “First Irn Bru, now this?” and attracted a huge backlash from Buckie fans.

Aidan Moran wrote: “Can see a few of the monks getting f***ing slashed like!”

Robert Thomson said: “I’ll get a van and we will kidnap the b*****s for this.”

Chris Wagg wrote: “This is what happens when people just agree to anything. Soon Scottish locals will be living in sewers because they can’t rally together to fight for what’s ours.

“My post may seem extreme but really think about it does it not feel like Scotland is just being phased out.”

Martin Redid said: “Not only are they changing the recipe to Irn bru that helps out the hangover, now they are changing the recipe to the thing that gives us the bloody hangover.

“Would be better off drinking petrol the night before and then drinking diesel the next day to sort yourself out.”

And Taigdh Sheridan advised: “Should have raised it by 7%, the fannies.”

Some fans couldn’t believe what they were reading and searched social media looking for answers – finally discovering the tweet was fake.

Brogan Campbell wrote: “You all do know it won’t happen and this is a bam up.”

And Darren Ville-Maccus said: “Try not to have a heart attack, it’s fake.”

A spokesman today (TUE) confirmed the social media post is not real, adding: “We are not changing our recipe or the alcohol content of Buckfast.”

Last year Buckfast sales hit a new record high last year with monks raking in £43 million from the popular tonic wine.

J Chandler and Co, the company that distributes the wine, saw its pre-tax profits rise by more than £750,000 to £4.3 million, according to the company’s end of the year accounts.

The wine, made by monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, is favoured by Scots and is regularly linked to boozy crimes across the country.

Between 2010 and 2012, the former Strathclyde police force said Buckfast was mentioned in almost 6,500 crime reports.

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