Tesco investigates family’s claim they found huge “spider” in trifle


TESCO is investigating a family’s claim that they found a “huge spider” in their trifle during Sunday dinner.

The family, from Little Lever, Bolton, Greater Manchester, said the grim discovery had “put them off trifle for life”.

Natalie McKay, her parents, sisters and their partners, were horrified to find what they described as long-legged creepy crawly nestled inside the £2.50 Tesco Strawberry trifle.

Tesco are investigating the claim but said that because of their strict quality control standards they would be “surprised” if the object turned out to be a spider.

Natalie took to Facebook to share the horrifying pictures of the “spider’s” corpse, nestled in between the cream and custard of their sweet treat.

Natalie discovered the “spider” corpse in her Tesco Strawberry trifle

The 31-year-old posted the pictures to Facebook with the caption: “Just to set the scene, a nice lovely Sunday tea with the family. Mother buys a nice family trifle from Tesco Bury for dessert.

“We dish it out for all to enjoy…so imagine the horror when one of you go to take your first spoonful to find a dead spider embedded in the trifle.

“I mean I wouldn’t mind if it was a little spider, but as you can see from the picture even dead it is quite big.

“Tesco, are all products not suppose to be quality checked before they hit the shelves? I hope this matter will be taken seriously and would appreciate it if someone can get in touch with me. Absolutely disgusting in my eyes.”

Speaking today, Natalie said: “As a family we were horrified, it made us all feel sick and put us off trifle for life

“It was disgusting, and I’d say it was the same size as a two pence curled up.”

Natalie, left, and the rest of her family were having Sunday dinner when they made the discovery

Social media users slammed the supermarket and couldn’t believe the pictures.

Debbie Cox said: “Oh my god that is rank.”

Kay Rachel added: “Oh my god, I can’t believe it. Disgusting. Get a complaint sent to them.”

While Mark Parden commented: “At least it was dead. I’ve come across a few packs that had live ones in.”

Others were put off the strawberry dessert.

Senine Kirby said: “Aww I bought one for after dinner today. Saw this and it’s completely ruined it for me so I had to show my boyfriend this to ruin it for him too.”

The strawberry dessert contained more than Natalie and her family expected

Louise May added: “I bought the pack of three they do. I’ve put them in the bin.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We have robust measures in place to ensure our products are of the highest standards, so we would be surprised if this is a spider.

“We have asked Natalie to return the trifle to store so we can investigate with our supplier.”

In September last year, a horrified mum discovered a live false widow spider in a box of grapes she had been feeding to her one-year-old daughter.

Steph Home, from Preston, Lancashire, only discovered the venomous spider when she and little Amelia had already eaten several of the red grapes from Tesco.

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