Video shows teen braving freezing weather to help stranded motorists


A HEARTWARMING video shows a schoolboy brave the freezing cold to help snowbound motorists get up a hill.

Teenager Rowan Ferguson spent over a hour pushing cars that got stuck in snow in Dunfermline, Fife.

Hallmark manager Debbie Pearson, who filmed the teenager hard at work, has dubbed him a “true local hero” for going “above and beyond”.

Debbie posted a clip of the 16-year-old to Facebook with the caption: “Anyone know this young boy called Rowan?

“He’s been absolutely amazing at pushing the struggling cars up Hospital Hill Dunfermline. He has went above and beyond in these freezing temperatures.

“This is what you call a True Local Hero. Well done, I’m sure the drivers were really grateful.”

She added: “He was unbelievable, pushing one car after another, he must have been out there for an hour or more.”

The short clip showed the boy in school uniform, standing at the side of the road, watching struggling cars go by.

When he sees a blue car start to struggle, the teen instantly gets behind the car and begins to push it up the steep and icy hill.

The 16-year-old, who is currently on study leave for his prelim exams, said that he simply wanted to make sure motorists were safe.

Speaking today, Ronan said: “I just thought those people have got places to be and I might as well help.

“I didn’t just want to stand by, what if a car had rolled back? It could have caused lots of damage.”

Ronan said he didn’t count the amount of cars he helped, but thinks it must have been 10 or more.

When asked if the cold weather got to him during his heroic gesture, he replied: “I wasn’t that cold, pushing all those cars up the hill definitely kept me warm.”

16-year-old Rowan has been dubbed a “true local hero” after his efforts to help motorists

Ronan’s mum, Lorna Ferguson, said that it was typical behaviour for Ronan. She said: “He is very helpful, he goes and helps neighbours with their gardens and things like that, it’s just in his nature.”

Speaking to a local newspaper, Debbie said: “I was in total awe of him.

“We kept asking him to come inside the shop and warm his hands up because they were so purple, but then he was straight back out again.

“There were no accidents yesterday and if it wasn’t for him the traffic would have been at an absolute stand still.”

Social media users were quick to praise the youngster.

Wilma Nellies said: “Great lad.”

Susan Rozanski added: “Aww bless him, what a good lad. Well done.”