Moment brave father and son scupper motorbike thief who threatens to stab them


THE moment a driver spotted and scared off a motorbike thief who threatened to stab him has been caught in a dramatic video.

The vigilante dad and his son saw a man in a balaclava speeding on the pavement on a bike with no plates in West Yorkshire.

Daz Eccles forced the man to pull over, recovered the bike, and called police.

Daz said today that he felt he had to stop the thief as the problem of motorbike theft is getting out of hand and he couldn’t just stand by.

Social media praised the father and son team but criticised the police for a lack of action to tackle the growing issue.

The clip, filmed by Daz’s son in the passenger seat, shows the pair approaching the thief on the road ahead.

The motorcycle clearly has no registration plates, and as the pair approach they shout at the thief to pull over.

The balaclava clad thief responds by shouting back “I’ll write you off”, threatens to stab Daz and his son and tells them to stop filming him.

Daz’s son hides the phone inside the car, and the motorbike can be heard pulling over and Daz telling the thief to lay the bike down.

A second clip, after the thief ran away and ditched the bike, shows the men at the side of the road with a police officer.

Daz Eccles took to the UK Motorcycle Theft Protest group on Facebook to post pictures and a short clip of the incident. He said: “Me and my son stopped a scum bag on a stolen bike yesterday at around 3.30 pm.

“In the end I block him from going anywhere on the bike so he dropped it and ran. I wasn’t quick enough to catch him. I believe the lad is from Castleford, and the bike was stolen from Pontefract.

“The bike thief was threatening to stab me and write my car off. You can hear him say it as my son records him. This didn’t frighten me the slightest and wish I could have caught him. I would have put him in hospital in a bad way.

“We need to stop these scumbags. They are taking the p*** out of the police because they know police are not allowed to chase them without a helmet on. They are now robbing Land Rover headlights, doors, bumpers, and also riding past and taking old people’s hand bags and kids mobile phones.

“Yesterday they approached two separate lads and took their bike off them, and were threatening to stab them if they didn’t give them there phone and bike keys.

“It’s time we put a stop to this as the problem is growing and they are getting braver.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post and praise the father son duo.

Keith Inseal said: “Well done fella, need to stop these c****.”

Jason Finbow added: “Top lads, the thieving scum don’t like been confronted and always s*** themselves.”

Peter Parker commented: “Good work mate. I nearly had a couple of them on a scooter the other night, sadly it was rush hour traffic and they mounted the pavement and got away.”

While John Walker said: “Well done to you both should be more people like you.

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