Primary school football team “coolest in Scotland” after getting sponsored by rock legends Mogwai


A PRIMARY school football team has been branded the coolest in Scotland after being sponsored by one of the country’s most influential rock bands.

Saint Roch’s, Glasgow, have teamed up with the city’s acclaimed “post-rock” four piece Mogwai.

The school’s deputy head Andy McDonald, has been friends with the band’s drummer, Martin Bulloch, for over 20 years.

St Roch’s Football Team have been branded the coolest in Scotland

So when Mr McDonald finally got fed up with the state of the school’s tatty kit – including “odd socks” – he contacted Martin for help.

Mogwai were more than happy to help kit out the team and now St Roch’s have smart new home and away kits – both with “Mogwai” printed across the chest.

The school posted photographs of the team in their fancy new strips.

And in a reference to the band’s 1997 debut album it was captioned: “Mr McDonald and The Young Team of St Roch’s Primary would like to thank @mogwaiband for sponsoring their new football strips.

“They look amazing. We can’t thank you enough.”

The school’s post has been liked over 1,400 times by social media users, who branded the team “the coolest in Scotland”.

The team were gifted two strips, one green and black, and another a mixture of light blue and navy.

All the strips have “Mogwai” branded across the chest, and the Saint Roch’s logo above and to the left which reads “Benvenuti Tutti”, which translated means “Welcome everyone.”

The school even had some white and green tops made for the band, but said they would not be putting the strips up for sale to the general public, as they were made exclusively for the school.

Speaking today, Deputy Headteacher Andy said: “It actually all came about because I’m friends with Mogwai’s drummer Martin, I have been for 20 years. It was just that one day I had taken the boys to a match and they were wearing mixed home and away tops, even odd socks, and the kit looked terrible. It wasn’t very good for their confidence.

“So I got in touch with Martin about it, the band are always interested in social problems and things that are affecting Glasgow and Scotland, so they were more than happy to help. They take a lot of interest in education, and social problems that are affecting the country.”

However, the kids are more interested in their new kits than the famous band that gifted them.

Andy added: “Now the kids walk with a bit more of a spring in their step, and they stand straighter. The new strips have given them a lot of confidence.

“They are absolutely delighted with the strip, but none of them know who Mogwai are. I put one of their songs on when we were driving back from a trip one day. It didn’t inspire any cheering from them.”

Social media users were quick to react to the post, and point out that other famous faces had sponsored football teams in the past – including Ian Brown and Motorhead.

Dankcruscader420 said: “I would happily buy some of these.”

Josh Sawyer added: “That is extremely cool.”

David Riley commented: “They’re brilliant! Ideal for The Young Team.”

And Alexandra Docherty said: “They will be the coolest school team in Scotland.”