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How to package your items to protect them against damage?


Transporting a package can be very dangerous if your package is a bit fragile. While the people why transport your package will try to be as careful as possible, but it is also very important for you to know how to package it correctly.

Packaging is more important than you might think, since transit can be rough not matter how much attention people pay to your package. That is why we have come up with some easy tips that should make the job easier for you.

Parcel tape is better

Many people use sellotape, and this works just fine for small packages, but it is not good enough for larger ones. That is why you should use parcel tape. After you seal the box, make sure that it remains stuck. You can even use more layers if you want to.

However, since parcel tape is not transparent you should also be careful not to cover any important information on the box. It is recommended to write all the necessary items only after you seal the box with tape.

Use the right kind of box

Boxes are usually what you should use if you want to send a package. However, not all boxes are the same. Cardboard boxes are more fragile than you would think and they won’t protect your items too well. Try to find a box that is more robust. You can find a large selection of options on

Since you want your package to be resistant you should not reuse old boxes. Changes are they are already a bit damaged and they won’t be able to provide the protection that you need. However, if you do that make sure that you don’t leave any kind of old labels or covers that can be confusing, because otherwise your package might not reach the right location.

Don’t use soft packages like fabric

When you package your item it is very important to use something solid. Boxes are recommended. Do not think about using cloth bags or fabric, unless the item cannot be damaged. Robust materials are essentials because they will protect your contents against any hits.

After you place your items in a box you can use a fabric around it to add even more protection, but there are some better alternatives for that as well.

Get some bubble wrap

The best way to add extra protection for your package is to add some bubble wrap. As we said before, fabric can also be an option, but this is better. Simply wrap the item in bubble wrap until you fill the box. This way, the contents of your package won’t accidentally hit the walls since they won’t be able to move around.

The sides of the box can be very damaging and your item might break if it hits them so try to place it in center. Add the bubble wrap on all sides so that you won’t leave your item exposed.

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