Straight Scots girl raging at “Tinder pervert” who took her snaps and posed as lesbian in a “state”


A SCOT is raging after a “Tinder pervert” stole her pictures for a fake account, posed as a lesbian, and added insult to injury by describing herself as “a state”.

Shannon Sloan, who is straight, had her pictures stolen by an imposter called “Gems”, who created a Tinder account looking for women.

But the 20-year-old from Glasgow was particularly outraged when Gems wrote: “I look a state right now though. Promise I scrub up well.”

The real Shannon in full glam

Sharing images of the fake profile online, Shannon wrote: “Some stupid cow using my photos on Tinder ends up getting a wee match and sending pics of ME saying ‘I look a state’.

Referring to the MTV hit show Catfish, in which imposters are confronted after using fake profiles, Shannon added: “Don’t catfish as me, then, if I’m a state you cow.”

Gems also infuriated Shannon by claiming in her bogus bio that she is addicted to oxygen and likes chicken nuggets.

And Gems described her ideal woman as coming in “all different shapes and sizes”.

After luring an unsuspecting female victim using Shannon’s images, Gems then sent the woman a picture puporting to be her in bed wearing white knickers.


After seeing this, Shannon, a financial advisor, posted: “Actually not normal. She’s sending this poor lassie scuddies and everything. What the f***’s going on wi they granny panties?”

Shannon said today this was not the first time her pictures had been stolen.

“It’s beginning to really annoy me. People have made Instagram and Snapchats also.
I’m straight as well so that’s weird.”

She added: “I don’t want to contact the person, I have no idea who they are or what they are capable of so I am not going to contact them and give them my number.

“I know thy have been sending explicit photos of themselves pretending to be me though.”

She was made aware of Gems’ image theft after a Tinder user became suspicious about the bogus account, reverse searched the images, and sent Shannon screen grabs of their exchanges.

Shannon’s post has attracted more than 15,000 likes on Twitter and received hundreds of comments from social media users.
Chloe? @closherlock wrote: “Actual howling. Why has someone went to that much effort to pretend to be you. F****** pervert.”


Rachel Hayes? said: “Fruitcakes hen, the cheek of it. Take it as a compliment.”

Becca Blackham wrote: “That’s horrible why do people have to do that apparently I’m on Tinder and also on that fish thing, Plenty of Fish or something.

“A few people have told me I’ve literally wrote to them in emails and said someone is pretending to be me, it’s horrible.”

And Mark? @manu99ontour said: “Sad b****** using someone else’s pics to try and pull.”

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