Moment reckless Range Rover driver overtakes to jump red light – as disabled man prepares to cross


A RECKLESS Range Rover driver jumps a red light in a shocking dashcam video – just as a disabled man on a mobility scooter prepares to cross.

The luxury motor races past a car which has stopped at the lights and comes close to colliding with another vehicle coming the opposite way.

The driver of the Range Rover has been branded a dangerous “idiot” after footage of the incident, in Southampton, was posted online a few days ago.

Nitin Morjaria said the near-miss happened in October last year and he passed his footage to police. After hearing nothing back he put the clip online.

He wrote: “I stopped at the red lights when this idiot overtook me to jump the lights.


“Nearly hit the guy in the wheelchair and also the car coming from the opposite direction.”

The clip shows the local approaching the lights, which turn to red after the car in front is through.

The man in the mobility scooter can be seen approaching the crossing at this point.

Nitin stops but then the impatient Range Rover driver who had been behind, comes into shot from the right having come past to speed through the red light.

The silver car also fails to comply with the lights coming from the other side, and the two come dangerously close to a nasty collision.

Social media users were shocked by the footage and sent in their comments.

David Hazell commented: “Road signals do not apply, too important.”

Ken Meade said: “Someone was in a hurry.”

John Margetts added: “What a w*****.”

Eduardo Roberto Christoph said: “I would be straight to the Police with that one, next time could be fatal.”

Nitin explained today that he did just that but never heard back from Hampshire Police.

He said: “At the time I thought that the man in the wheelchair was a goner.

“It was a very dangerous manoeuvre. Even the car coming from the opposite direction had jumped the lights.

“I did phone the police. They took all the details from me, asked me to keep the recording and said someone from traffic will phone me. I never got that call.”

Upon seeing the footage, RAC spokesman Simon Williams stressed that traffic lights should be observed, otherwise terrible accidents can occur.

He said: “This could so easily have resulted in a head-on smash. Traffic lights are there for good reason and anyone that drives through a red light is putting others as well as themselves in unnecessary danger.”

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