Names of Police Scotland’s newest canine recruits revealed


POLICE Scotland have revealed the names of the adorable, crime-fighting puppies that caused a sensation on social media last week.

The girl has been called Karma and the boy Otto – both picked from a shortlist by children at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.

The eight-week-old German Shepherd’s are the forces “Trainee Police Dogs” and now boast the official names TPD Karma and TPD Otto.

Social media users went wild for the adorable puppies last week when Police Scotland shared footage of the pair causing havoc in the Dog Training Centre in Glasgow.

The female pup has been called Karma.

Yesterday Police Scotland revealed their names on Twitter while sharing new images of the crime fighting duo.

Alongside an image of Karma being cradled in her handlers arms, they wrote: “Well looks like little Karma is content with her name. Thanks to the kids @echcharity for her fantastic name. Very fitting for a Police Dog #TPDKarma #Karmaiscomingforyou.”

They also shared a picture of Karma’s brother Otto enjoying himself in a pile of fresh snow, with his ears perked up in anticipation.

They captioned the image: “Hello my name is Otto. Can’t wait to grow up to be a Police Dog. Thank you to the kids @echcharity for my wonderful name. #TPDOtto.”

The male pup has been named Otto.

Social media users were quick to comment on the cute pictures of the puppies.

Gill Geddes said: “Awww, wee furball. Well done to the kids @echcharity – two excellent names chosen. Looking forward to hearing about the exploits of #TPDKarma and #TPDOtto.”

Nicola Bower commented: “Very cute, and bless the kids for giving him such a good name. Can’t wait to see his progress.”

Daniel Tipping added: “These names are too cute.”

Catdragon wrote: “Oh good giddy god, that is utterly adorable.”

Lizzie joked: “Aye she may look cute for now but Karma will get the baddies in the end.”

And Allison Bone added: “Aww what a perfect name. Karma will catch up with all the bad guys.”

The two new recruits made their social media debut last weekend (SAT) when Police Scotland shared a clip of the puppies getting up to mischief and running around the inside of the Dog Training Centre.

Viewers watched a 20-second-clip of the pups running around a kitchen area with their tails wagging a staggering 56,000 times.