Bannatyne mocks Morgan over Colin Firth mix-up on BA flight


DUNCAN Bannatyne has reunited his feud with Piers Morgan – mocking the broadcaster for comparing his looks with actor Colin Firth.

Morgan yesterday revealed that a British Airways employee had mistaken him for Firth.

Bannatyne has since claimed the BA worker “should have gone to Specsavers”.

Morgan, 52, posted a split-screen photograph of himself and Colin Firth on Twitter on Wednesday, writing: “’Good morning, Mr Firth! – @British_Airways 1st Class check-in desk lady to me just now.

“THIS is why I always fly BA.”

He later shared another shot next to Colin, writing:” To be fair, we could be twins.”

Within half an hour, Bannatyne decided to mock the Good Morning Britain presenter by retweeting the post with a laughing emoji, writing: “Should have gone to Specsavers!”

In 2015 Duncan blasted Piers for talking over his now-wife Nigora Whitehorn during a video interview.

While watching over an interview Nigora had with Piers, the gym mogul said: “Was that with Piers Morgan? He was very rude to my girlfriend, talking over her like that.”

Bannatyne’s latest post was re-tweeted almost a hundred times and attracted hundreds of comments from people who agreed with him.

Somie Takhar said: “Maybe she meant Mr Filth.”

And Kristofer Drummond wrote: “Mr Firth with 12 chins?”

Morgan finally responded to Duncan by writing: “Oh come off it – Colin’s not that rough!”

And still trying to persuade the public, Morgan later added: “He once told me he gets mistaken for me a lot, but not as much as he gets mistaken for Nick Clegg – which Colin said was ‘much worse’.”

Duncan later responded to one social media user who said the BA worker must have shares in Specsavers, writing: “I think she owns it.”

However one Twitter user, Shaun Davies, did jump to Piers’ defence, writing: “So should your missus by the looks of it. #punching.”

Duncan agreed with Shaun, before adding: “I say thank you to the good lord every day.”