Moment trouserless “Spice Zombie” stops traffic as he battles wheelie bin


A DISTURBING video shows a suspected “Spice Zombie” with his trousers round his ankles stopping traffic as he battles a wheelie bin.

The bizarre clip shows the man, believed to have taken the drug Spice, clutching on to the sides of the green bin while walking backwards on the road.

As he struggles to keep hold of the bin, he then emerges from behind it exposing his bare legs.

He then stumbles backwards after tripping over his trousers around his ankles and instead of trying to get back rolls around on the road with the bin.

A woman stands nearby and appears to be talking on a mobile phone.

Two cars are shown approaching the man on the road but slow down and watch on in horror as the whole incident unfolds.

The distressed man then spots the cars but refuses to let go off the bin and instead holds it vertically above his head.

At this point, the Scottish man who is filming the footage, decides to drive around him but is less than sympathetic about the situation.

In a strong Scots accent, he shouts: “Hit my motor and I’ll f***ing do you!”

The camera then shows a close up of the man’s face as he continues to scream while lobbing the wheelie bin around.

Also at this point, the lid of the bin is shown smacking the writhing male in the face.

The female can be heard shouting “He’s got a wheelie bin!” down the phone at this point.

It is unknown where the footage was filmed but both the female and the motorist sound like they have Scottish accents.

The video was uploaded yesterday onto a drug-related Facebook page after apparently being previously removed.

The behavious resembles previous horrific videos that have surfaced in the past showing victims of Spice stumbling around streets resembling zombies.

Spice is a mixture of herbs and potent chemicals and has been known to be used by prisoners in jail.

In the past they have managed to sneak the drug into prison by having people send them letters sprayed with the drug – which can later be smoked as a joint.