Checkout rage pensioner branded “sanctimonious battleaxe” over epic rant at Morrisons


A FURIOUS supermarket customer has been trolled following her epic rant about abuse of express checkouts.

Kay Hill’s paragraph-free, 553-word rant threatened a boycott which would cost Morrisons precisely £600 and that she would tell 15 people a day about her “hideous” experience.

Kay even warned Morrisons that shortly after she complained about a bad experience at Woolworths the chain went bust.

The pensioner was upset because customers in front of her at the Foss Island supermarket in York had abused the 10 items or fewer rule.

But her post, on Morrisons’ Facebook page, generated more than 200 comments accusing her of overreacting – before it suddenly disappeared.

In her post she demanded: “It is either an express checkout or it isn’t. Please do not waste my time, or insult my intelligence, by having a sign up that means nothing to your staff.

“Train staff never to take the side of the errant customer, even though they are in your age group and the person who was in the right is a pensioner. This was tantamount to bullying.”

Kay had visited the Foss Island supermarket in York before posting her rant on social media

Describing it as the “very worst supermarket experience of my entire life”, Kay declared: “Surely, it cannot be right that a customer who does everything right is left traumatised for the rest of their working day?”

Setting out her sanctions, she vowed: “As an abject lesson to Morrisons, I will boycott you for a period of two months, costing you approximately £600 of custom.

“In addition, I will tell everyone I meet, approximately 15 people a day in my case, about this negative experience.

“The last time I did this to a shop was Woolworths – it went bust, not because of me, but because ineffective management led to sloppy checkout people who offended the customers.”

On social media, Kirk Orchard responded: “Nothing like a sanctimonious old battleaxe. For anyone wondering if you ever find yourself in this position, moaning about the amount of items in someone’s basket, exit the shop, walk calmly to the nearest bridge, and jump the f*** off.”

Zach Bohlman commented: “Don’t sweat the small stuff Kay. Grow up. I mean, ‘traumatized?’ Really? Get over yourself.”

Kay’s full post was 553 words long and attracted 200 comments

Dani Marie wrote: “And they say my generation is entitled and self centered. Good grief.”

While Richard Devlin said simply: “Such drama.”

Morrisons declined to comment on the row and simply restated their policy that “express checkouts are for customers with 10 items or less in their baskets”.

In 2015, David Walker’s rant about a wonky loaf of bread he bought from his local Morrisons in Killingworth,Newcastle, went viral.

David took to the company’s page to complain of his “monumental” outrage that his bread was not sliced evenly – and his rant was shared more than 7,000 times and garnered 17,000 likes.

Speaking today, Kay said: “I have deleted the post as I do not want any further action taken.”