Blessed are the haymakers – hilarious moment “Jesus” has a fight at Sao Paulo carnival


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment Jesus Christ swapped forgiveness for fisticuffs at a carnival in Brazil.

Luis Felipe Andrade Amaral was at the Sao Paulo carnival with friends when a shirtless man started accosting him.

Luis, who admits to having consumed more wine than water, was dressed as Jesus because his friends think he resembles the son of God and he “thought it would be funny”.

The footage shows the shirtless man kick Jesus and attempt to punch him before Luis, a web designer, punches his assailant on the chin, forcing him to back off.

The clip – captioned “Don’t f*** with Jesus – has been watched 2.7m times since it was posted on Monday.

The video starts in a crowded Sao Paulo street in the middle of the carnival with Luis trying to squeeze his right foot back into his flip flop.

A shirtless man with tattoos down both arms strides into shot with his fists raised. Luis is wearing a long white robe with a red cape and a large crucifix. He has long brown hair with a big beard.

The shirtless man tries to punch and kick Luis but he easily deflects them.

Luis, abandoning all pretence at meekness, gives the man a “come one” gesture. The man attempts another kick and quickly walks away.

Luis follows him as the man jumps onto a kerb to get a height advantage. Luis calmly punches him on the chin. There are screams of excitement from the crowd.

The punch knocks the man’s sunglasses off his head and clearly dazes him. The man tries to punch Luis but misses and Luis pushes him over making him stumble for ten yards before falling over.

You can hear the eager watchers let out laughter as the man falls to the ground. Luis points at him and appears to tell him to stop.

The persistent man ignores the son of God and chases him down to punch him on the back of the head. The crowd starts chanting: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”.

Luis turns around and gives the man another stern warning, forcing him to meekly walk away.

Luis said today: “I think the feeling was kind of ‘oh boy, not again’. I was too drunk and high otherwise I wouldn’t have fought the guy.

“It has two million views and comments from all over the world. I can’t stop laughing about all this.

“I was dressed up like Jesus because my friends told me I look like him, mostly because of the hair. I thought it would be funny because I definitely don’t act like him.”

In the spirit of the Lord, Luis has forgiven the man, mainly because he was so drunk he actually forgot it happened.

He said a woman showed him a video of the fight and he realised he was in it.

“Come here anytime our carnival is madness. Brazil is not for amateurs.”

The tens of thousands of commenters on Facebook took the video in the good nature Luis wanted it to be taken, Tariq Tarbuck said: “Actual footage of Jesus vs drugs.”

Ben Flaum posted: “May the power of Christ compel you.”

Raphael Batista said: “Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus.”

Denis Fung said: “The son of man did not come to be served but to serve.”

This year’s festival in Sao Paulo lasted for 19 days and is associated with lent. Partygoers start celebrations on the Friday before Ash Wednesday.

In Sao Paulo the festival’s parade is led by “samba schools” that compete for a trophy. Each school represents a different theme which they express through their costumes, dancing, music and parade floats.

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