Video of “council worker” fixing pothole with Coco Pops goes viral


A HILARIOUS parody video has gone viral after ridiculing a Scottish council – by pouring Coco Pops in to a pothole.

A man wearing pretending to be a council worker pours a full box of coco pops and a six litre carton of milk into a cavernous pothole – claiming it is only a “temporary fix” until they get a better budget.

The video was filmed in the area of East Ayrshire Council, which has been forced to triple its roads repair budget to £6m as a result of potholes.

Social media users have watched the clip over 585,000 times and shared it over 10,600 times since it was posted last night.

The video was posted to a parody page called “East Ayrshire Cooncil (sic)” with the caption: “F****** Coco Pops. This is what £6 million gets you.”

The men picked a particularly huge pothole in Kilmarnock to make their point.

One of the “council workers” stands in the road brandishing a box of Coco Pops

The clip begins with a “council worker” in a high visibility jacket, standing in the town’s Merrick Road, pouring a box of Coco Pops in to the hole.

The person filming, who wished to remain anonymous, approaches the man and asks him what he’s doing.

The “worker” defiantly says that he is “fixing the potholes”.

The man filming asks: “With f****** Coco Pops?”

The man in high-vis replies: “It’s come from the top, there’s only a £6 million budget to fix the potholes so this is a cheaper alternative.”

The man then continues to pour the full box of cereal into the large pothole, and as the person filming asks “You’re having a f****** laugh aren’t you?”

The man, picking up a large carton of milk, says “I’m just going with orders” and proceeds to pour the entire carton in the pothole.

The “worker”, in a vernacular reference to his lunch, then jokes: “You’ll need to let me get on with my job pal, it’s nearly piece time.”

When the man filming asks how much money they were given to sort the potholes, the other man points at the pothole and says: “Well, we got £6 million budget, that’s all there is.”

The man filming then asks why he’s using coco pops, to which the worker replies: “It’s the cheaper alternative. It’s just a temporary fix just now, until we get a better budget.”

Once the man has poured the rest of the milk into the pothole, he remarks: “That’s about right.”

To which the man filming replies simply: “Un-f******-believable.”

The man says he is just “following orders” as he pours milk into the pothole

Speaking today, the man behind the East Ayrshire Cooncil page said: “The reaction has been phenomenal. It has resonated with people, as for most of us our cars are our pride and joy and the state of the roads are destroying our cars. The council set aside just £6 million to deal with the problem this week. In perspective it’s nowhere near enough.”

On social media, Fiona Menzies-Henderson said: “It might be all funny but to be fair this is what many people feel their councils are doing with the hard earned money people pay in tax.”

Catalina Pertache added: “It’s a joke with a very big message behind it. Where is our road tax money we pay monthly?”

While Kirsten Cole joked: “I mean to save more money they should have used Asda’s own make. Does the same job for half the price.”