‘Surely he must have felt the bump’ Astonishing moment HGV driver pushes car for almost 100 metres – totally unaware


AN amazing video shows an HGV driver push a car in front of him for almost 100 metres on a busy city street – completely unaware of the accident.

The lorry even makes a left turn with the stricken car stuck to its front following the remarkable incident in London.

The driver of the HGV, because of his elevated position, was totally unaware that he had scooped up the car – with its terrified driver at the wheel.

Thankfully, no-one was injured in the accident which happened in Enfield, in the north of the capital, yesterday morning (wed).

The HGV exited the A10 heading southbound, when the lorry collided with the Fiesta and spun it 90 degrees.

However, the lorry driver continued to push the Fiesta up Bullsmoor Lane for a staggering 250 feet (80m) before finally coming to a stop outside of a Shell garage.

The rear of the car can be seen mounting the pavement and scraping the railings at the side of the road.

The Fiesta driver, Dan Payne, from Hornchurch, East London said: “All that was going through my head was ‘Will this driver ever stop?’ and I was constantly beeping the whole time to try alert him.

“It looks like others were doing the same thing around me.

“At the time it didn’t feel real to be honest, as you never expect it to happen to you.

“However, watching the footage back is quite frightening to see but I’m just glad nothing more serious was caused. The car could’ve easily flipped or been crushed into someone or something else.

“The driver said he was totally oblivious to me being there.”

The damage done to Dan’s car by the Lorry

The 22-year-old added: “I came off the M25 at junction 25, then came round onto the A10 and stayed in the left hand lane the whole time.

“The lorry was in the straight lane to my right hand side. I’ve come off onto bullsmoor lane, again no lane change, and he’s cut in behind me, smashed into me which has caused my car to spin and he continued to drive all the way round.

“It finally came to a stop thanks to someone at the bus stop waving down the driver to stop. Thankfully no one was seriously injured and I was just shaken up really.”

Paul Delta, who captured the clip, was sitting in his van when he saw the shocking incident unfolded in front of him.

Paul captured the video on his dashcam, and uploaded the shocking clip to Facebook, where it has now been viewed over 182,000 times.

The clip begins with a white artic lorry pushing the grey Fiesta down the road – with the cars back wheels skidding along the snow covered pavement.

Backed up traffic on the two lanes heading in the opposite direction are mere inches away from the terrifying incident as the lorry continues to travel obliviously down the road.

As the lorry continues down the street, the back of the Fiesta can be seen scraping along the barriers at the side of the road.

Within seconds the lorry and car are out of sight, but Paul said they travelled around 250ft (80m) before coming to a stop.

Paul uploaded the video with the caption: “Lorry pushes a car along the road. Madness driving. The car was pushed all the way to the shell petrol station.

“ Apparently the lorry driver did not know he hit the car and spun it sideways. Hence why he is driving on as if nothing had happened.

Paul said: “I spoke to the guy in the car. The car and lorry were both on the A10 going southbound. The lorry hit the car turning it 90 degrees near the slip road. Then he pushed it all the way to the Shell petrol station.

“I can’t believe the lorry didn’t hear the noise or folk hooting. Surely he must have felt the bump.”

On social media, Paul Charnley wrote: “No matter what the lorry driver should have known that he had hit something. He must have heard the scraping noise as he pushed the car along. If it was a bike or a pedestrian then you would have been looking at a fatality.”

M Louise Mcallister added: “Glad you captured this we all jumped out to try and alert the lorry driver f**kin div I tell ya.”

While Glen Griffiths said: “Lorry driver should be banned from driving”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said: “A damage-only collision took place on Wednesday morning, but there is no current investigation taking place.”