Bungling “car thieves” upload footage of high speed car chase to Facebook – and tag each other


BUNGLING car thieves filmed themselves in the middle of a police chase – and then uploaded the footage to Facebook.

The two men managed to evade arrest by officers – who appear to have crashed their car during the high speed chase.

However, they then idiotically uploaded the footage -where they show their faces and tagged each other – to Facebook.

The pair were speeding through Dudley, in the West Midlands, yesterday (WED) when officers pursued them.

A man named as John Field on Facebook shared the video, tagging another user with the name Morgan Greenfield.

The pair claim in the video that the police car chasing them crashed, allowing them to get away, but West Midlands Police say it was a “gearbox issue”.

The user named as John posted the video with the caption: “3.0L police BMW crashes trying to catch us in the Fiesta ST.

“Share this, get them off the road. The dangerous amateur traffic police can’t handle their cars.”

The user Morgan Greenfield, who is thought to be driving the car, commented underneath the video saying: “I’m not a thief. We bought the car.”

The video shows the suspected stolen car weaving through traffic and overtaking cars trying to move out of the way.

The disturbing clip begins with the Fiesta speeding down the road with sirens blasting in the background.

BUNGLING car thieves filmed themselves in the middle of a police chase – and then uploaded the footage to Facebook. Driver thought to be Morgan Greenfield

The man thought to be John glances the camera toward the driver and says: “Watch you don’t pop the tyre.”

The pair calmly discuss potential routes before “John” turns the camera to face out the back window then loudly says “F****** hell man” as he spots police in pursuit.

The man filming then turns to the driver, who is swerving through traffic, that he: “should’ve stuck on the mains.”

After weaving through traffic, the driver speeds around a roundabout before the passenger tells him to: “just be calm anyway”.

The pair take a sharp turn at high speed, and the passenger tells the driver to speed up, saying: “You’re hanging around too much, you’re going to get the chopper.”

Suddenly, the driver lets out a loud laugh and the passenger asks him if the police car has crashed. To which he replies: “Yeah.”

It is not clearly visible in the clip what happened to the police car, but the passenger can be heard shouting: “Aw he’s crashed. Police beamer’s f****** crashed. Morgan, watch this lorry. Watch this bend.

“Oh man I heard this mighty bang and he’s crashed the police beamer. Mans crashed his beamer. F****** hell. Lick off now, yeah.”

The video ends with the driver saying simply: “F*** the police.”

BUNGLING car thieves filmed themselves in the middle of a police chase – and then uploaded the footage to Facebook.

Social media users were not impressed with the pair.

Michael Brouse said sarcastically: “Those coppers are going to be so gutted they lost them. Now they’ll never know who they were.”

Mandy Holloway added: “Bloody a*******. Hope they get caught real quick.”

Sheree Marie Willavise commented: “Yeah well done for endangering the lives of others. Idiotic little boys. Get off the road.”

Wayne Russell England wrote: “Filming their own evidence for court to go against them. Can’t write it.”

While James Lewis joked: “Suppose the police won’t know it’s you guys on social media now will they.”

A spokesman for West Midland Police said: “Traffic police on patrol in Dudley at 12.20pm yesterday, 7 March, spotted a suspected stolen Ford Fiesta in Selbourne Road, Dixons Green, being driven on false plates.

“They pursued it for several minutes but were forced to abandon the pursuit when their car suffered a gearbox issue in Marriott Road, Primrose Hill.

“The police car was not involved in a collision.

“Enquiries are ongoing to identify and arrest the driver and passenger of the Fiesta.”