Mercedes owner films moment his park-assist epically fails



A MERCEDES-BENZ owner captured the moment he tried his park-assist setting for the first time – and epically failed.

Garry Jeffries filmed himself using the setting on his £36,000 motor for the first time on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old ex-soldier spotted a free parking bay outside a Homebase store in Alnwich, Northumberland when he decided to test the new setting.

Pulling up beside the bay he turned on the park-assist setting and expected the car to place him perfectly into his space.

However, the car had other ideas and parked horizontally across two bays after the wheel began spinning ferociously.

Hilariously Garry bursts out laughing during the whole incident as he just watches his new vehicle take over.

During the clip, he shouts: “Oh ya f***er, where you going?” to the car before screaming “It’s f***ing parallel parked me.”

He then says, “Done, let’s have a look here”, before getting out the car to reveal the parking fail.

Posting the clip on Facebook on Tuesday, he said: “Thought I’d try the ‘assisted parking’ on the new motor. Won’t be using that too often” alongside two crying-with-laughter emojis.

Dozens of viewers took to his post – amused by Garry’s reaction.

Kevin Steel wrote: “Takes up several parking bays… That Merc thinks its a BMW.”

Blaze Clarke said: “Lol, now you don’t even have to park like a d** yourself.”

And Paul Reading wrote: “Someone didn’t read the instructions.”

Speaking today (fri) Garry said: “I’ve had the car about two months and never tried the assisted park until the other day.

“The car is supposed to calculate which type of parking you need. There is only one setting.

“I’m over the moon with the car and even more impressed it fitted in that gap, Albeit the wrong way.

“My own parking is spot on but I will be trying it again when I get time.”

Some models with assisted-park have multiple settings for bay and parallel parking. The Mercedez-Benz Shooting brake 220 only has one assisted setting.

The car is expected to know which way to park on it’s own.