Mother praised for creating matching Rosa Parks costumes for daughters in honour of World Book Day


A MOTHER has been praised for creating Rosa Parks costumes for her two children in honour of World Book Day.

Navaeah, 10, and Tiani, 6, asked their mum Jerri Hoath if they could dress up as the heroic mother of the American Civil Rights Movement for the event today.

Proud Jerri went to a local charity shop and picked up items to create matching outfits for her girls which resembles Rosa on the day she got arrested in 1955.

Both girls wore flowers in their hair, glasses and carried cardboard signs with Rosa Park’s police number on them.

Navaeah and Tiani dressed up Rosa Parks to honour World Book Day

The 28-year-old from Chislehurst shared adorable snaps of her daughters dressed up in their outfits before they went to Montbelle Primary School in Greenwich this morning.

She later posted them on Facebook, attracting dozens of comments from social media users praising Jerri on her parenting.

Posting the snaps, Jerri wrote: “World Book Day 2018. Rosa Parks…

“They had a few stares at the school gate and Navaeah said to Tiani ‘Its okay T, Its because they don’t know. Lets educate them when we go in’. And I am sure they will.”

Jerri’s post on Facebook has attracted plenty of Likes and messages of support

Charle Des wrote: “Push through my lil black queens.”

Letitia Brown said: ” Yesss, my pretty intelligent girlies”

And Jacqui Rhooms wrote: “”Aaaw bless. You go girls!!”

Words of support on Facebook. Mum Jerri said she was “proud” and “surprised” when her daughters chose to dress up as Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks.

Speaking today, Jerri said: “I was really proud. I just thought it was amazing.“The youngest is only six as well. She mentioned it to her friends at school and they were like, who’s that?

“A little boy came and stood directly in front of them, and literally his mouth just dropped. Like what is this? I could see them looking at each other. It was quite surreal.

“Its a conversation starter to let them know a little bit more.”

The girls’ interest in the Civil Rights Movement started after Jerri began researching their family history.

Jerri and her girls, Navaeah (L) and Tiani (R)

Jerri added: “We found that we had family members who were slaves. They’ve been trying to learn more.

“In our heads it was a way we could enlighten people about the amazing work that Rosa Parks did.

“She’s inspirational for the girls. She’s a really strong woman and she did so much.”

Rosa Parks was arrested in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama after she refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus for a white passenger.

She instantly became a symbol of the struggle against racism in the USA.

World Book Day was scheduled for the 1st March this year, but the because of the heavy snow last week, many schools postponed or called off the annual dress up event.


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