Dramatic moment car spins off A1 after attempting overtake in snow-clogged fast lane


DRAMATIC video shows an impatient motorist lose control and spin off the road after overtaking in blizzard conditions on a snow-clogged dual carriageway.

The Ford Focus races past the dashcam car despite the fact almost no traffic has driven on the deep snow in the fast lane.

The maneouvre is carried out on the A1 in North Yorkshire depite the fact it is night and still snowing.

The driver loses control trying to get back into the slow lane and spins off the road.

Andrew Miller captured the incident and he was travelling north between Leeming Bar and Scotch Corner on Saturday night as the storm dubbed the “Mini Beast from the East” hit much of the UK.

Temperatures fell as low as -3.2C in North Yorkshire on Saturday as much of the region was issued an amber travel warning from the Met Office.

The video begins with Andrew driving at night in the horrible conditions with heavy snow and winds making visibility difficult.

A black Ford Focus then speeds past in the outside lane that is completely covered in snow and has no tyre tacks on it.

The car then signals to move into the left lane forcing the driver to drive over untouched snow.

Predictably their car starts to slide and then suddenly the car starts to spin and is thrown off the road.

Andrew slows down to make sure the car doesn’t spin back onto the road and hit him before calmly pulling away.

DRAMATIC video shows an impatient motorist lose control and spin off the road after overtaking in blizzard conditions on a snow-clogged dual carriageway.

Andrew said today: “I was going at 40/45 mph max, the conditions were very harsh, windy and blizzardy. You couldn’t see very far in front of you.

“I thought ‘I hope they don’t come back into the road and come into me’. I didn’t stop as the conditions for me were not safe to stop, I rang 101 and told them what I’d seen and where it had happened.

“When he overtook me I just thought that lane had fresh snow and no tracks in, I was more concentrating on driving.”

The video was shared on Facebook and many commenters were quick to criticise the Ford driver for his dangerous behaviour.

Piers Cooper said: “This was one of those ‘when does it happen’ videos rather than a ‘what’s going to happen’”

Matt White said: “Jesus. How fast were the vehicles in the clip going in those conditions.”

Steven Shallcross posted: “Should of stopped not only to make sure everyone was ok but to take his details registration and forward it to the police as he needs to resit his driving test at the very least.”

Anita Sutcliffe said: “Far too fast in bad weather.”

Craig Gill commented: “I had the same thing on the A14 in December when the first snow came down.

“A fiat 500 overtook doing a stupid speed and everyone else was doing 40/45 nicely. No problems.

“Then the d comes into the slow lane and goes sideways. Own fault. Shouldn’t be a bend. People just just go with the flow and take their time.”

A spokemsan for the AA said: “I’ve seen many drivers like that this weekend. Some get away with it, but those that don’t often wreck their cars, hit others and endanger road users, and then block the road causing traffic jams.

“That leaves careful, sensible drivers sometimes having to spend hours stuck in their cars. Worse still, hard-pressed emergency services are diverted from other important work by incidents that could probably have been avoided.”

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