Police post pics of snow-covered car that resulted in £100 fine for owner


A DRIVER who got behind the wheel with three inches of snow covering almost their entire car has been branded “unbelievably stupid”.

The motorist was fined £100 for driving with just a tiny “clear” area on the side window and much of the windscreen still covered.

Traffic police in Dorset posted images of the car as a warning to others, writing: “The driver of this car was issued a £100 fine after failing to adequately clear their vehicle so they could see out of it.

“The snow on the roof was 3 inches deep.”

“Please remember to clear your car completely, including the lights.”

On Twitter, Sean Hambridge reacted: “Unbelievable stupidity. My brother in law’s car was written off, where he had legally parked, by a driver who could not see out of his iced up windscreen.”

Julie Andrews wrote: “I’ve seen plenty of this today – stupid people.”

Paula Simpson? wrote: “If 5ft 2in me can clear the roof and the rest of my CR-V then I don’t know why other people can’t.”

Lesley Ferguson wrote: “Not a fan of fines but this is totally justified. They’ve not even made an attempt at clearing it. They can’t even see out the side windows!”

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