Adorable snaps show terrier mothering orphaned soay lamb


ADORABLE images show a terrier snuggled up with a lamb she is mothering after its mother died in the Scottish Highlands.

Moskki has become the little Soay lamb’s companion since it lost its mother in Glenmore, near Aviemore.

The inseparable pair have been photographed cuddled up in Moskki’s dog bed as they kept warm during a recent snowstorm.

Other adorable snaps show the animals lying side by side on the floor in front of a wood burner.

The Cairngorm Reindeer Herd posted a snap of the cosy pair on Facebook last Friday and said they’ve been staying at one of their nearby farms.

They wrote: “To cheer everyone up, here’s a photo of terrier Moskki mothering an orphaned Soay lamb over at our hill farm – they’ve worked out the best place to be!

Hundreds of social media users liked the photo, while others commented about how adorable the image was.

Manouk Bakermans wrote: “This picture made my day.”

Marion Gault said: “Adorable!”

Helen Galland wrote: “Oh my, that is so cute. Love Soays, the wiley wee woollies!!”

And Karen Crosby said: “Oh how utterly beautiful!”

Melanie Gaff, from the organisation, said today (thur): ““The lamb is coming along well, with Moskii still very much its wee friend.”

Soay sheep are a breed of domestic sheep descended from a population of feral sheep on the 250-acre Scottish island of Soay in St Kilda.

The sheep have short tails, are most commonly brown or tan with a white belly and naturally shed their wool.

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