Clever canine opens fridge, picks out beer and delivers to owner – on ring of a bell


A CLEVER canine has been trained to open the fridge, extract a beer and deliver it to its owner – on the ring of a bell.

Charlie, a two-year-old tri-coloured Australian Shepherd, gets the fridge open using a rope before delicately picking out a can.

Owner Donna Ouderkirk and her family can get an ice-cold beer delivered to their sofa using a bell marked “ring for beer” or by simply demanding “Get me a beer” while clicking their fingers.

Charlie, who lives with her family in Andover, New York State, was taught to fetch beer by Donna’s 17-year-old son Carsen. Charlie’s not so good at shutting the door so the fridge has been made unlevel to complete the process.

Video shows Charlie performing the trick perfectly. Other clips shows the training process.

Donna said: “My son started by tying a rope to the door. Then showed her what the beer can is.

“As you can see in the clip he kept her attention by the collar. However there was also lots of treats involved. She will do almost anything for a treat.

Donna and her son Carsen with Charlie

“She can close the door but she refuses to do it most of the time. So we have adjusted the legs on the fridge and keep it unlevel so it closes itself after her.”

She added: “She is an amazing pup. I have since taught her how to get tissues, and pick things up and hold things. She even retrieves my medicine for me.”

On social media, Andrew Li wrote: “Omg how do I acquire one of these?”

Corey Partanen wrote: “I’m formulating strategies on how to teach mine already.”

Cory Kremer wrote: “I don’t think I trust my dogs with such access to the fridge lol”

Oscar MB called it: “Necessary training.”