Hilarious moment woman on health kick gags and then throws up avocado on toast


THE hilarious moment a woman on a health kick gags and then throws up her avocado on toast has been caught on camera.

Tammi Morrison, a self-confessed fussy eater, decided it would be a good idea to film her healthy eating experiment.

But the 19-year-old instead produced a moment of stomach-churning comedy gold as she battled to keep the avocado down.

The call centre worker from Hill of Beath, Fife, begins to gag and decides to make a bolt for the door where her snack revoltingly reappears.

After her embarrassing fail, Tammi posted the clip to pals, one of whom posted it to Twitter with the caption: “Healthy eating 1 Tammi 0.”

At the start of the clip, Tammi says “Yum, yum yum” as she picks up the brown toast with the avocado mashed into it.

The camera turns round to face her as she chomps down on the savoury snack. After a few laborious chews her lack of enjoyment is evident on her face and she even begins to heave.

Tammi rushes to her back door and when she opens it she coughs before the well-intentioned snack comes back up as lumpy yellow sick.

After wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she declares: “That’s not going on the shopping list again because that’s f****** disgusting.”

Tammi, who lives with her grandmother, adds: “My gran is going to go mental.”

Hope McKillop’s post has been retweeted over 1,000 times and attracted over 5,000 likes from social media users.

Tammi herself reacted with a comment saying: “Whoever eats that s*** needs put behind bars.”

And other social media users found the clip hilarious while also sympathising.

Laura Keicher said: “I am f****** creased.”

Reece O’Donovan said: “This would be me with weird food.”

Another user said: “Can relate.”

However some others found the sight of the food coming back up too much.

Rosey Pickering said: “That made me feel ill.”

Rhys Measor said: “F*** off man nearly threw my gravy and chips up man.”

Speaking today (MON), Tammi admitted: “I won’t be trying it again.

“I am on a health kick, well I’m trying to be healthy but I’m a really fussy eater so it’s hard to stick to.

“I don’t really think the video is even funny I just sent it to my friends on our Snapchat group chat casually so it’s surprising that people find it funny.”

Asked what prompted her to go healthy, Tammi responded: “Because I’m a fat b******.”

She then revealed that despite her setback with avocado, she has managed to shed two stone.

Tammi also shared before and after pictures documenting her weight loss.

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