Martin Compston gets “housewarming gift from gods” shipped to new LA home – 48 cans of Irn Bru


HOLLYWOOD star Martin Compston has had a “houesewarming gift from the gods” delivered to LA – two cases of Irn Bru.

The Scots actor, 33, shared a snap of 48 cans of the fizzy juice which he had been sent as a housewarming present.

The Line of Duty actor shared the present on Twitter yesterday and captioned it: “Housewarming gift from the gods.”

The photo shows the two cases having been unwrapped from bubble wrapping with ‘Fragile’ written on it, and also appears to show his dog’s paw in the background.

Compston lives in LA with his wife and their dog, and was four days ago pictured at a boxing event in Las Vegas.

As well as being liked over 1,000 times the post also attracted lots of comments from excited Irn Bru lovers.

One user said: “So long as it’s the original and not the crappy new one.”

Another said: “Original recipe or new? Couldn’t pay me to drink the new stuff, anyone who says it’s ok is wrong.”

Ricky Venters said: “But is it the old recipe? The new one tastes like Diet Irn Bru.”

Marc Young said: “Hopefully it’s the old stuff. If it says 13% sugar, then it’s only worthy for the bin.”

Another added: “I hope you managed to grab some before the sugar nazis cobbled the recipe.”

Others were just happy to see the Greenock-born star sticking to a Scottish favourite.

One user said: “Only a true Scot appreciates this.”

Mandy Fox said: “Brilliant my idea of a perfect present.”

A newly introduced UK sugar tax has affected store prices of drinks that contain more than 5g of sugar per 100ml.

With this in mind, Irn Bru changed their recipe in January, in time to avoid a hike in prices for their customers.

The company were met with a backlash from fans who claimed the new recipe was nowhere near as good.

A petition called “Hands off our Irn Bru” calling for the company to stick to the original recipe has now received over 50,000 signatures.

Last year fans poked fun at Compston after he posted a photo to show he had dumped a Tory leaflet in his bin, showing that it was also full of empty Irn Bru bottles and chip packets.

After posting it with the caption: ““Junk mail can be annoying but it’s important to recycle”, he was met with replies such as “Good Scottish diet of Irn Bru and chips there” and “That’s possibly the most Scottish bin I’ve ever seen. Chips and Irn-bru.”

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