Moment Scots singer Gerry Cinnamon challenges fan to on-stage fight after pint thrown


VIDEO shows Scots singer Gerry Cinnamon take off his guitar and challenge a fan to a fight after a pint is thrown at him on stage.

The Glasgow-born indie rocker stops mid-song during his set at the Iron Works, Inverness, and stomps to the front of the stage.

Appearing to have spotted the culprit, Cinnamon yells: “Come up her ya f****** dafty.”

He then tells the crowd he will give them free tickets for life if they “smash f***” out of any pint throwers.

Fan Rory Finlayson caught the moment on video on Friday night and shared it to Twitter, writing: “Moral of the story…Don’t throw a pint at Gerry Cinnamon. He ain’t the biggest fan.”

Originally taken for Snapchat, the video shows the acoustic singer attempting to perform a cover of ‘I Wanna be Adored’ by The Stone Roses as the crowd sing along enthusiastically.

However, the drink can be seen flying out of the crowd and narrowly missing him, prompting him to stop.

He asks: “Who threw that?” as he bends over to pick it up and the crowd aim boos at the perpetrator.

Cinnamon then adds: “Come up here ya f****** dafty” before taking the guitar off and walking aggressively to the front of the stage, cheered on by fans who also chant his name.

He walks back to the mic to declare: “Next c*** that throws a pint, smash f*** out of them and I’ll back you up and give you free tickets for the rest of your life.”

That earns him a rapturous applause and he adds: “There’s sound c***s in here, f*** you.

“Throwing pints off lassies heeds and aw that, f*** you. See if you want to throw a pint, throw it over your own heid, or f*** off.”

His name is chanted loudly again as he starts strumming his guitar again.

The footage has over 200,000 views and has attracted almost 3,000 retweets and 8,000 likes from social media users.

And fans of the singer were quick to praise his actions.

Neil McCole said: “Quite right man ye go to enjoy the gig no chuck pints.”

Stevie Morris said: “Tunes are quality then he does that #topguy.”

Another user said: “Fair play to him by the way love the bloody man.”

Darran Smith added: “Gerry is the man.”

But not everyone was in favour of Cinnamon’s behaviour.

Aidan McMillan said: “Absolute cringe listening to that, offering a square go because someone threw a plastic cup.”

Another user added: “So he thinks he’s a tough guy. I’ll tumbler the wee d***.”

Speaking today Rory, 18, said: “During the gig folk were just chucking their pints amongst the crowd. When he started covering ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ someone threw a pint directly at him.

“Understandably he was annoyed as it could’ve ruined all his gear and easy ended the gig so he asked the crowd to point the person out. I think he did the right thing by stopping and addressing it so fair play to him.

“Most of the crowd were cheering Gerry on and pointing in the direction of where it was thrown from. He started playing where he left off so didn’t let it bother him and he was class.”

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