Student gets in a hilarious flap over trapped pigeon – before his girlfriend comes to rescue


A HILARIOUS video shows a student get into a complete flap after a pigeon comes down the chimney and poos all over the living room.

Connor Magill can be heard shrieking and swearing as the trapped bird keeps trying to fly out of the closed window.

The 20-year-old, who at first though a criminal had crept in to trash his home, films feathers and faeces on the carpet, walls and ceilings, wailing: “My mum’s going to go f****** mental”.

Things don’t get much better when Connor’s dad arrives at the property in Ayr and yells: “Holy f*** – it’s a nutter.”

Only Connor’s girlfriend, Zoe, shows any real composure, resolving the crisis by suggesting the boys put a towel over the panicked creature.

The clip has been viewed more than 50,000 times since it was uploaded to social media on Wednesday.

Connor posted the video to twitter with the caption: “I was walking oot ma hoose and I thought some c*** was trashing my living room, burst in thinking I was the hard man to be confronted wae this.”

The clip begins with Connor walking into his mum’s living room, saying: “Right, there’s a f****** pigeon in my hoose and it’s absolutely smashing all about the place.”

He says to the pigeon: “Right, out the door, you canny get out the windae. Go on.”

As the pigeon flaps in desperation and then falls to the floor with a thud, an exasperated Connor can be heard saying: “Oh f****** hell. F*** me man.”

The footage then cuts to Connor explaining that the pigeon got in through the chimney, and that he can’t get it out because “it keeps crashing into the f******* blinds.”

He adds: “It’s marked the ceilings, and the walls my mum’s going to f****** go mental.”

At this point the pigeon is sitting in the corner of the living room looking at Connor, who lets out a sigh of frustration.

The clip then cuts to the pigeon again trying to get out through the living room blinds, while Connor screams: “Oh f****** hell, naw!”

As the bird starts to scramble again, Connor’s dad can be heard saying: “Holy f*** it’s a nutter.”

At Zoe’s suggestion, Connor and his dad, with a towel thrown over his arm, approach the pigeon gently and manage to scoop it up.

Zoe follows the pair outside, and catches the moment the pigeon flies off – finally freed.

Connor signs off: “It’s s*at all over my maw’s geed venetian blinds. She’ll be f****** raging.”

Connor admitted today: “My girlfriend told me to use the towel as she used to get pigeons in her art class all the time. I wouldn’t have know what to do otherwise. ”

On social media, Lemay Jr said: “Aww mate that happened in my hoose, the thing was so scared it s*at about 30 times, I nearly smashed a windae just to get shot of it.”

Aaron Williamson added: “They should’ve used a shoebox.”

Liam Forrest joked: “Her good venetians.”

Anton Connor commented: “I’m terrified of pigeons, might be why I found this funny.”

While Jordan Britton said simply: “Brilliant.”

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