Hilarious video shows woman lose plot as she’s baffled by riddle – even after it’s explained


A HILARIOUS video shows a woman left utterly baffled by her boyfriend’s riddle – even after the answer is explained to her.

David Martin filmed Michelle Potter completely losing the plot last week when he challenged her to work out the puzzle at home in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

Gallant David then posted the clip to social media – and is now braced for reprisals.

In the video, the 29-year-old asks Michelle: “There’s 30 cows in a field and twenty ate chickens, how many didn’t?”

The statement is designed to baffle listeners for having a double meaning – in this case “twenty ate” sounds like the number 28.

Hilariously Michelle, 32, is shown jumping to her feet shouting “what do you mean? You’re winding me up” as she struggles for almost five minutes to solve the riddle.

Michelle, who works for construction company Carillion, then stands up, shouting at David “Right typical maths, it’s clearly something to do with maths right or you’ve just f****d it up and you’re reading it wrong.

“There’s 30 cows in a field and twenty eight chickens so there’s 28 chickens and thirty cows in the field which makes that 58. How many didn’t? Two.”

David responds: “You’re not listening to the question” and repeats the riddle again.

At this point Michelle takes a few seconds to think and then says two again before David bursts out laughing.

She then smiles before crouching down nearby and asks David: “Okay what were they doing for them not to be doing anything?”

“How many of what didn’t? Dave, tell me. 30 cows a field. Nothing wrong with that. 28 chickens…You d***.”

A frustrated Michelle then starts laughing before putting her head in her hands while she sits on the ground.

Michelle’s 12-year-old daughter Jessica Bostock, who is sat playing Fortnite in the room, can be heard telling the couple the correct answer of ten.

But even then Michelle can’t understand why and begins shouting “How do you know it’s ten? How do you know it’s ten when he isn’t even asking a question?”

In a turn of events, Michelle then asks “Is it about the egg? What came first?”

The clip then continues for another couple of minutes as Michelle gets more and more frustrated with David.

At one point, Michelle grabs a plastic cup and plastic gun toy and throws it at her wind-up boyfriend saying: “You’re just trying to be a k***head. Trying to make me look like a f***ing r****d.”

Jessica explains the riddle to Michelle but she still struggles to understand it because David “didn’t even mention the cows eating the chickens”.

The clip ends with Michelle repeating the riddle over and over trying to work it out.

Speaking today, David, a store manager at Greggs, said: “I think I’ve started something. She’s definitely going to try get me back…she’s hilarious.

“That’s the first time but she’s planning on getting me back. After that video I’m definitely planning on getting her again!”

David posted the video onto his Facebook page, writing: “Michelle Potter. ‘Dumb girlfriend’. Did you get the answer?”

The clip has since attracted over 5,000 views and dozens of comments.

Andrea Corfield wrote: “That’s brill David Martin bless her.”

Jane Martin said: “Lol that’s f***ing brilliant I’ll have to share that!”

Lisa Marie Lowry wrote: “David I told you she’s f***ing mental.”

And Jason Lee Osborne said: “Dave giving people anxiety as per lol.”

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