Shocking moment Tesco delivery man almost hits cyclist with crates spilling from van



DRAMATIC video shows the moment a Tesco delivery driver almost hit a cyclist with crates that spilled out of his van.

The driver appears to have left a door open and the crates fly out as he negotiates a roundabout in London, coming within feet of hitting the cyclist.

The clip was filmed yesterday (Mon) by Tina Wells in the Chingford area of the city.

Tina, 48, said the driver’s actions “scared the hell” out of her and she called on Tesco to take action.

Before the incident the driver is seen driving partially on cycle lanes and not taking the option to stop as a woman pushing a pram approaches a zebra crossing.

Shortly afterwards, the driver goes straight ahead at a roundabout. As the vehicle is about to leave the roundabout, two large blue crates fly from the back and into the road.

A man entering the roundabout on a bike comes close to being hit by the crates.

Tina can later be seen pulling up alongside the Tesco van and speaking to the driver.

She says to him: “You side door’s open – did you see the trays fall out? As you came round the roundabout. Just missed the bike.” The driver’s response is inaudible.

Tina said today the driver’s attitude was bad and that was one of the reasons she posted the video online.

She said: “When i spoke to him eventually after I was waving him down I said to him, Do you know your side door is open?’ He said, ‘Yes I do’.

“Then I asked if he knew a few creates fell out at the round about? He said, ‘No’.

“His attitude wasnt very pleasant which is another reason I posted this as this could of been a whole lot worse.”

A different angle









She added: “Lucky there was no food in the van. It’s lucky the guy on the bike was ok.

After Tina posted the video, she tagged Tesco in it,

She wrote: “This made me shake it scared me, so it must have shook the guy on the push bike up.

“This is the behaviour of a bad employee at Tesco.

“Please share to make sure this gets where it needs to get as I feel the old guy driving this van did not care after I told him he lost his plastic boxes on the roundabout.

“He made no attempt to stop and shut the door. Disgraceful behaviour – could of injured the man.”

Earlier this month, a Tesco delivery driver crashed into a flat in Brighton as it was dropping off a delivery.

A woman living in the flat, who wished to remain annoymous said: “I heard shouting from outside, so went to my window.

“Then I heard a massive crunch, so I backed away and screamed as I watched as the nose of the truck came towards me and the basement flat window.”

Witness Matthew Davids posted a picture of the van on Facebook with the caption “When Tesco takes ‘delivery right to your doorstep’ a little too seriously.”

Tesco later apologised saying: “We are relieved that no one was hurt. We are sorry for the damage that was caused and are working with the home owner to get it fixed as soon as possible.”

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