PREVIEW: Hide your kids from this demented, deranged, daytime telly presenter

The Hand That Rocked That Cradle Edinburgh Fringe 2018
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COMEDIAN Beth Vyse might be best known for beating breast cancer but she has started a new chapter in life after becoming a mum.

With her show As Funny As Cancer firmly in the past, her new offering at Fringe 2018 will be The Hand That Rocked the Cradle.

In it she has created an alter ego, Olive Hands – billed as “a demented, deranged, sassy, leopard-print-wearing daytime telly presenter”. And it’s through her we get Vyse’s take on the endless battle of being a parent, working and what happens to our dreams.

The question at the heart of this is a simple one – can women really have it all?

Larger than life character Hands is about to find out now that she is back on a Daytime Show on ITV9, where producers have agreed it’s a good gimmick to co-host with her baby.

It seems she finally has it all: the baby has given her the creditability she’s always lacked, the celebrity guests have all agreed do to it, it will be “A Mother and Baby show like never seen before.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Venue: Venue 515, Monkey Barrel Comedy Club – Monkey Barrel 2

Dates: 1-14, 16-26 Aug 2018

Times: 15:45 (60 mins)

Tickets: £5

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