Shocking moment young Scot deliberately sets his own hair on fire with makeshift flamethrower


A SHOCKING video shows a young Scot deliberately setting his own hair on fire using a makeshift flamethrower.

Daniel Nicol filmed his friend Gerry McKilly sat on a sofa spraying a deodorant can at a lighter in the direction of his head.

Within seconds a gigantic flame erupts towards the 17-year-old’s hair – which he casually takes without even flinching.

After a few seconds, Gerry, who speaks with a broad Scottish accent, then stops spraying the can – and remains relaxed while flames can still be seen on his head.

He then shakes his head and shrugs, seeming unaffected by his hair raising antics, while black smoke is shown above his head.

The schoolboy then smiles and shakes his head before patting down his hair to put out the last of the blaze as the clip cuts out.

Daniel posted the clip onto Twitter on Saturday and since then it has attracted over 70,000 views.

Dozen of shocked viewers have left comments on the post with some branding the youngster a “f****** idiot”.

One user, Kirkby? @kirkbyworld said: “Why would you do this? I can’t think of any reason anyone would.”

Gregory Beekman wrote: “An interesting way to self-harm but he should seek counselling.”

Richard Cann said: “Why though?!”

And Jonathon Ballasco wrote: “Total f****** idiot! That could have blown his face off and disappointingly not even killed him, leaving him a life of pain! #f****** idiot.”

Within seconds a gigantic flame erupts towards the 17-year-old’s hair – which he casually takes without even flinching.

Daniel also filmed his Gerry’s reaction as he looks at his patchy hair afterwards.

He can be heard laughing and holding his head in his hands while he says: “Sh**. My mum’s going to go f***** mental man.”

Speaking today, Daniel said: “So basically he was setting his hair on fire and done that flamethrower thing then went to the toilet after and realised how much damage he actually has done to his hair.

“He then asked me to shave off all his hair so he wouldn’t have to go to school the next day looking like an idiot.

“I tried but best but the shaver broke half way through and he was stuck with a bald line around his head.”

Daniel also revealed that Gerry ended up having to get his hair all shaved off the next day at his furious mother’s request.

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