Real auctioneer’s amazing party piece: singing The Auctioneer and playing blistering fiddle solo


AN auctioneer has become an internet hit by singing Leroy Van Dyke’s The Auctioneer – while playing blistering fiddle solos.

Graham Low’s day job involves selling livestock at markets in Orkney, where he lives.

But the 22-year-old’s amazing party piece mixes his professional skills with his considerable musical talents.

A video of Graham singing 50s classic The Auctioneer while playing along with the fiddle has been viewed 17,000 times on Facebook, while a clip of him entertaining fellow auctioneers with the same song has been seen 400,000 times.

Graham, from Toab, Mainland, is seen in the first video filming himself with his fiddle in his bedroom whilst initially practising the song.

He intertwines verses about the auction trade with a faster paced chorus which resembles the job itself.

Whilst completing this, he also plays the fiddle along the classic country tune.

This clip was posted earlier this year and social media users were delighted with his performance.

His fans were full of praise of his musical talents.

Chris Rogerson said: “Graham Low this is unbelievable!”

Linda Annal commented: “Fantastic very talented.”

Sheila Henderson said: “Brilliant Graham. Very talented well done.”

Another video posted last Thursday (July 5) shows him at a university course for auctioneers.

This clip shows him playing to a crowd, but instead of using a fiddle, he taps out the beat of the song with his fingers onto a table.

The video ends with a huge rapture of applause.

Graham intertwines verses about the auction trade with a faster paced chorus which resembles the job itself

Graham said he is “overwhelmed” with the reaction the videos have attracted.

He said: “Up in Orkney there’s just a few folk up here so it’s amazing to see so many people have viewed it.

“I’ve had lots of good comments so I’m just over the moon with it.

“I play fiddle, guitar and do a bit of singing with a few bands on Orkney, but this is just a wee party trick for the end of the night. Folk love it.”

Graham, who has appeared on YouTube several times playing the fiddle, says although he has loved the reception the video has received, he has no plans to take his musical career beyond the island.

He added: “It’s always been a thought, but Orkney is what I know and it’s what I like.

“Music is something that I love, but I don’t think I’d like to leave.

“Whenever I leave, it’s only ever for a short time then am desperate to get back.”

Van Dyke wrote the song based on his and his cousin’s experiences as an auctioneers.

The song was a chart hit and sold over 2.5 million copies.