Adorable video shows naughty dog waddle like a sea lion after shredding newspaper


ADORABLE video shows a naughty dog emerge from hiding and waddle “like a sea lion” after getting caught ripping up a newspaper.

Jack the cocker spaniel is nowhere to be seen as his owner pans the camera round from a pile of shredded newsprint.

But moments later the pooch gingerly pops his head around the door and starts shuffling towards Rob Page, 22, who can’t help snorting with laughter.

Rob captured the hilarious moment after returning from work to his home in Prenton, Wirral, Merseyside, to find the tattered remains of a newspaper that had been put through the letterbox.

Jack, three, initially ignores his master’s call but when Rob shouts “Jack, come here. Jack” louder, his sheepish pet suddenly emerges at the side of the kitchen door – looking guilty.

The three-year-old pooch can then be seen peering round the side of the door before slowly waddling towards Rob – with his back legs and bum dragging across the ground.

Rob then bursts out laughing at how guilty his four-legged-friend looks as he continues to waddle over to him.

The clip then ends as Jack peers up adoringly, looking for forgiveness from his owner.

Rob, a McDonald’s manager, posted the clip to Twitter last week, writing: “There’s no way I can actually be angry at him for this.”

Since then it has attracted over 35,000 views and thousands of likes on Twitter.

One Twitter user,craig? @2112Craig, wrote: “Came around the corner like a sea lion. Brilliant!”

Ken? @geor_ken said: “Aw bless him.”

And Shannon Paulin? wrote: “How precious.”

Speaking today (tue) Rob said: He always tries to act all innocent. He’s a lovely dog.

“I finished work at two and that’s the surprise he had left me at the door.

“He knows when he’s done something wrong haha.”

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