Moment comedian tasers “son” – after getting smashed on head with guitar


HILARIOUS video shows the moment an American comedian tasers his “son” – after being smashed over the head with a guitar.

The prank, using a real guitar and taser, was posted to Facebook by comedian Brian Waterberry, with the caption: “Father and son bonding”.

The clip shows Brian, 54, from Lansing, Michigan, with Instagram comedian, Sizzler, portraying “father” and “son”.

It begins with Brian “the father” pretending to read a magazine, deep in thought, as fellow comedian Sizzler “the son” struggles to play a simple lick on the guitar.

Brian, sitting topless with his large frame, looks over at Sizzler and proclaims: “Damn kid can’t you get anything f****** right? Jesus Christ.”

Sizzler, then stands up, walks behind the sofa and says: “F*** you dad”.

He smashes the guitar full blast into the back of Brian’s head, breaking pieces off the guitar and leaving Brian toppling foward.

Brian is left lying on the floor, holding his head and groaning.

Sizzler, then walks over and rubs Brian’s belly, asking him: “You good?”

Brian replies: “No, I’m not good. Son of a b****, f****** a*****e. You’re an a*****e you know that?”

Sizzler says: “Just tell me you’re ok?”

Brian responds: “I think I’m ok.”

Brian then takes a taser out and begins to attack Sizzler with it.

Sizzler writhes in agony on the sofa until the tasering stops, and begins laughing maniacally.

Brian says: “That f***** don’t feel good does it?”

Sizzler then says: “No.”

Brian responds with: “Just like that guitar, motherf*****”.

Sizzler then slaps Brian on the backside before the clip ends.

The prank, using a real guitar and taser, was posted to Facebook by comedian Brian Waterberry, with the caption: “Father and son bonding”.

Facebook users found the video hilarious and were impressed by the extreme methods used by each, with some reminded of WWE wrestler Jeff Jarrett who famously smashed his guitar over his opponents head.

Dustin Mitchem wrote: “A lesser man would’ve faked that guitar shot. Ouch.”

Alyssa Basden said: “My daughter and I prank each other a lot and say stupid things but this is far out. Tasering, and the big guy’s head didn’t even break the guitar, jeez.”

“Matt N Lane Clark commented: “Man that was funny and painful at the same time. Hell of a relationship. Lol.”

Chris ‘Moonch’ Moon wrote: “Lmao, he got him a few times though but not straight on. That guitar shot was brutal lol.”

Jason Linville said: “You dudes are f****** nuts. Truly a unique relationship. I can really see the love, I mean it.”

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