ADORABLE footage shows a two-year-old girl teach her terrified boxer puppy how to use a slide


Evelyn Trevino, from Kennewick, Washington state, was filmed showing her gorgeous puppy, Franny, how to use the playpark structure.

The youngster adorably slaps the bottom of the slide and stamps her foot to demand the puppy joins her at the bottom.

The tentative pup eventually comes round, and social media users have dubbed the clip “adorable” and “precious”.

Evelyn’s mum Morgan Young uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “My two-year-old daughter Evelyn and our nine week old boxer Franny on the slide together at the park.

“Watch till the end, those two are inseparable.”

The footage begins with Evelyn, clutching a cuddly toy, making her way down a slide.

After she moves boxer pup Franny comes into view at the top of the slide – but is not keen on making her way down.

Evelyn encourages the pup, and motions her to come down – even tapping the bottom of the slide, stamping her foot and telling the puppy “bye Franny”.

The pup eventually concedes and tentatively makes her way down – to the excited squeals of Evelyn.

The Boxer puppy slowly makes its way down the slide

The puppy then leaps at the youngster in excitement, before following her back up the stairs to the top of the slide for a second go.

On social media, Sharon Chainey said: “Really cute.”

Katy Timmins added: “So adorable.”

Rebecca Santullo wrote: “Puppy love so cute.”

The pup is delighted to reach the bottom

Kimberly Lay commented: “How precious. I love how she stomps her foot. This put a smile on my face.”

While Flick Tarner wrote: “Think of all the adventures they’re going to have.”

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