Bad parker manages to get small car on road, parking bay and disabled space at same time


A HILARIOUS picture shows what is claimed to be the worst ever attempt to park a car.

The snap, taken at a Scottish retail park, shows a Volkswagen Polo parked diagonally with its front on the space and its back partially blocking the road behind.

The driver has even managed to get part of the car on to a neighbouring disabled bay.

Ben MacLellan, 19, took the picture of the VW polo

Ben MacLellan, 19, from Inverness took the photo at a retail park in the city and uploaded it to social media.

He captioned the post: “You’ve got to be s******* me, this is the worst attempt of parking I’ve ever seen.”

One viewer responded: “That’s not parking it’s abandonment.”

Another said: “Aye it’s no the best.”

Ben also got this picture of the car ‘abandonment.’

Another user said: “It appears that someone may have ‘attempted’ to park, but gave up halfway through!”

Another user said: “That’s actually a pretty good attempt for Inverness.”

Another user said: “Bizarre! Or maybe he/she left it like that for publicity.”

Another user said: “I’m going with handbrake malfunction. I would think no one in their right mind could f*** up their parking this tremendously.”

One social media user said: “That’s actually a pretty good attempt for Inverness.”