Moment “idiot” drivers risk disaster as they race through heavy traffic


SHOCKING footage captures the moment two “idiot” drivers risk a catastrophic crash by racing each other through heavy traffic.

A Volvo driver narrowly dodges multiple cars as they swerve in and out towards oncoming traffic.

Debbie Murden-Field filmed the clip one her dash cam last Wednesday and uploaded it to Facebook

The video begins with Debbie driving down Station Road, in Langley Mill in Derbyshire.

Then out of nowhere, the silver car overtakes her and just gets back onto the left hand side of the road before hitting a Porsche.

They then almost hit a parked car and a black Ford before overtaking again just before a roundabout.

Following this a Corsa then appears to pass Debbie at speed and instead of following the Volvo driver, goes the wrong way at the roundabout.

During the video, Debbie can be heard saying “F***’s sake, f****** idiot.”

She shared the clip on Facebook with the caption: “All I can say is,you complete and utter t****, sorry about the language folks, but people like that make you swear.”

Her social media post has now received more than 310,000 views and attracted more than 500 comments.

Natalie Elizabeth Binsted said: “Hope they catch them. Idiots. Hope your ok aswell. Good reaction.”

Adam Beadell said: “Wow! What a p***k.”

Kez Jeffries said: “Wtf f****** morons.”

Roxanne Buckley said: “Jesus what idiots!”

John Soden said: “They need to be banned and locked up idiots.”

Chris Hayes said: “Should go wrap themselves around a lamp post.”

Speaking today, former van courier, Debbie described the drivers as “total lunatics.”

She said: “I don`t think they were racing.I think the Corsa was giving chase.

“When I looked in my mirror I thought, omg, he is coming up fast,then i thought,no way is he going to stop.

The 49-year-old from Ashfield, Nottingham also said her quick reactions managed to save the day.

She added: “My instant reaction was to swerve left and slam my brakes on.

“Good job I did as he would have hit me, the Porsche, the parked car and the black car in front.”

Derbyshire Police confirmed investigation into the incident is taking place.

A spokesman said: “Enquiries are ongoing regarding this incident. No arrests have been made.”

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