Hilarious snap shows what Sainsbury’s served up when customer asked for bacon and mushroom sarnie


A BAFFLED Sainsbury’s customer has shared a hilarious picture showing what cafe staff served up when he ordered a bacon and mushroom sandwich.

John Geoghegan’s snap shows a enormous, uncut, almost raw mushroom perched next to his snack.

The sandwich itself, which he ordered at Sainsbury’s in Stroud, Gloucestershire, was filled with bacon but contained not a trace of mushroom.

The mushroom had been very lightly grilled, meaning that when he cut into it it flooded the plate, leaving him with a soggy sarnie.

John, 42, from Cheltenham, Glouchestershire, posted the picture on Facebook on Thursday.

He wrote: “So today I visited Sainsbury’s in Stroud. Placed my order for a bacon and mushroom sandwich.

“I kid you not, this is what arrived.”

He added: “The best bit was when she served it said she didn’t know if I wanted the mushroom in the sandwich or not.”

He added: “At first I thought it wasn’t cooked. It had need slightly grilled so when I cut into it it flooded the plate.”

The engineer received several comments from social media users on Facebook who couldn’t believe their eyes.

Lea Burcombe said: “That’s so funny.”

Gary Ford wrote: “It’s bigger than the sandwich!”

Katie Freebury said: “Are you actually joking? Not much room in that sarnie!”

Vicki Harley wrote: “Classic.”

Speaking today (wed), John said: “Myself and a colleague stopped for breakfast, and it took a few moments for it to sink in it wasn’t a joke.

“Especially when she said she didn’t know if I wanted the mushroom in the sandwich or not.

“We literally fell about laughing.”

Sainsbury’s say John is welcome back any time to reclaim a better sandwich.

A spokesman said: “Clearly this wasn’t what John had in mind. We’d like to invite him back for a better buttie.”

This is not the first time someone’s bacon sandwich has been resulted in being a funny food fail.

In 2015, a disgruntled traveller posted a picture of his bacon and egg roll which he bought at the EAT food chain in Edinburgh airport.

The egg from the £3.20 ‘bacon and egg’ roll was so small it was described as coming from a hummingbird while the rasher could be from a micropig.

The traveller, who went by the username “spambox” said: “I never asked for a refund as I figured it must just be overpriced s*** cause it’s an airport.”

A spokesman from Edinburgh Airport said at the time: “Sadly on this occasion we fell below the mark and offer our apologies to this customer. Clearly this is not the service we should be providing and we will be addressing this complaint with EAT.”

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