Shocking CCTV captures “jealous scumbag” vandalising Scots prized car with “paint stripper”


SHOCKING CCTV footage captured a “jealous scumbag” vandalising a Scots prized car with “paint stripper”.

The clip shows a hooded male targeting the Fort Focus ST in Dundee on Tuesday evening – while the owner Alex McGowan was sat inside, completely unaware.

The man approaches the car, believed to cost over £25,000, on two separate occasions to spray a liquid substance that stripped the paint on the car bonnet.

On another occasion, the man returned to the car to throw a brown, lumpy substance across the front of the vehicle.

Alex, 28, shared the CCTV footage on Facebook yesterday (wed) in abid to hunt down the culprit.

Alongside the footage, he wrote: “Anyone know who these people are, recognise them/him by clothes or anything?

“This happened yesterday between 8 and 9pm.

“Looks like some sort of spray the first two times and the third time something is thrown on like milkshake or some s***.

“Reward for any info which helps with getting name/names.”

Alex and his girlfriend were sat watching TV inside the house at the time of the incident.

Despite the man spending an hour vandalising the car, they were completely unaware what was going on just metres away from them.

It was only a few minutes after the man’s final visit, where he threw a corrosive liquid onto the car, that Alex noticed something was up.

Speaking today (Thu), he said: “I noticed six minutes after the guy left as I had gone to the window in the spare room to close the blinds and saw it.

“I was in shock, then was really angry and confused as to who would do this.

“Initially when I saw the car like this I thought it was kids that had thrown some sort of chocolate milkshake or something.

“It wasn’t until I tried to wash it off I noticed it was bubbling on the car.

“Luckily I did manage to get most of it off without too much damage but had it have gone unnoticed for longer I think the damage would have been worse.

“Then myself and my girlfriend sat down and looked through our CCTV and were shocked at how brazen the person had been especially coming back three times.

Damage to the bonnet of the car

“I think it will maybe be in the hundreds to repair. It’s completely ruined the plastic body kit I have on my car.”

Speaking about the sentimental value of the car, Alex added: “It was just something my dad promised me as a child.

“It has had lots of work done since my dad bought me it.

“It has been like a project. So to me it’s more than a car as I’ve had a lot of effort put into getting it all done and fixed up and upgrading the body kit etc.”

Alex’s friends on social media were livid, where some harsh opinions were shared.

Chris Cox wrote: “F*****g minks man.”

Aaron Fyffe said: “F*****g scumbags mate.”

Darren Smith commented: “Unreal bro. F*****g scumbags.”

Mike Walsh wrote: “F*****g bang out of order.”

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